RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook has 15% of the Canadian tablet market share, report says


  • Non

    HTC Flyer and LG Optimus Pad? Really? I think Asus Transformer and Xoom are the ones people choose in the first place


      F_ACT: Giving away products to attain marketshare is not a successful business practice.

    • $99playbook

      RIM makes market share increase sound as good news. IT ISN’T!
      15% market share? wait for a widespread price of $150 or the magic $99( I might get one at that price)

      The bigger the market share the bigger the LOSSES they will claim.
      A non-finished- 10 month old product that sells at 50% the original price and sells at a loss and only has 15% of the market?
      That’s plain PATHETIC!

      Sure they have 75 million users but last Q their profit on 4.5Billion was 265 Million Dollars, that’s the bottom line and it hurts.
      Playbook at $99 next month, market share triples (at %45) so what?

  • Adam

    I really hope RIM can capture customers interests again!

  • Dylan K

    If they keep the price cheaper than dirt and continue to bring app and update support it can be quite the powerhouse.

    Here’s hoping, it got a bad start but it’s going now.

  • shaggyskunk

    The increase in market share, was recently traced to the Indiana theft….. which has since flooded the market….

  • Someguy

    When the Ipad 3 comes out it will set the market standard again. I have a iPad 2 and asus transformer, I sold the iPad but will be getting the new one. As for the asus just collecting dust waiting for my update !!!!!!!

  • Dave Dee

    Anyone can buy market share by almost giving their product away. The challenge for RIM is to produce products that command the healthy margins prevalent in this industry. I hope they can pull that off going forward.

  • Jean Paul

    Je suis entrain de decouvrir le tablet blackberry;je veus effacer certains documents ou chanssons qui sont dans, mais comment le faire et encore,comment copier certain fichiers a partir de son pc ? Merci de me repondre .

    • Guy

      Pour effacer, votre choix et d’obtenir un app pour voir votre dossier (comme le “AIR Browser”), ou vous pouvez utiliser le corde USB pour l’attacher au PC. Le deuxieme choix et aussi comment tu peux copier votre fichier du PC sur the Playbook

    • EvanKr

      Utilise le cord d’USB pour connecter ton Playbook a l’ordinateur, et tu peut modifier ou creer les nouveaux documents.

  • jeremy

    A survey of 1000 people? That’s a very small sample size given how few have tablets.

    • Paul

      @ Jeremy … 1000 in a survey would be a pretty accurate as most surveys are accrate of that size to 3-4 percetage points. All you have to do is listen to the polls close to election time and they use survey groups of 2000 to detemine what party is popular across the country.

  • jellmoo

    I would imagine that the bulk to the remaining tablets are quite possibly Touchpads bought during the fire sale.

  • shaggyskunk


  • Peacenik

    I bought one only because it was on fire sale. Even then, I am still pining for an iPad and may just get the iPad 3 if the price is right.

    • Crocography

      I have an iPad… my girlfriend just bought a Playbook with 64 Gb. I like my iPad, but her Playbook is simply amazing. True multitasking, amazing interface (I don’t like the old ‘palmpilot’ type interface that iOS continues to use from the 90’s), I absolutely love, love, love the bridging of the 3G to her Blackberry Phone (no doubling billing from our fine Canadian phone services) but what is best is no iTunes. She transfers files from her PC so easily!!! Strange but as an iPad lover, I am actually using her playbook more because I find it far more useful. Go figure.

  • Hub

    I haven’t seen this 15%. Still mostly iPad, and some Android in my work circle.

  • simian

    Sparkle on you crazy diamond.

  • Zagabog

    The multi-tasking and web-browsing on the PlayBook can’t be beat, and the bezel gestures are a thing of beauty. I hope RIM has them patented. (Home button? Pffff.)

    If OS 2.0 is half as amazing as everyone says it is, RIM will have a horse in this tablet race yet.

  • Mike

    I had one but returned it. Half baked. I thought the operating system is better than iOS, however, there are no apps!

  • Steven Paolasini

    I just picked up a playbook less than 2 weeks ago at Wireless Wave. It was 149.99 and 16gb, what a steal. I didn’t need a tablet even, just figured the price was too good. I used to be a blackberry fan BB 9000, then had an iPhone 4s for 2 months and ditched it fast when the Nexus came out. I gotta say, the PlayBook has some amazing stats, the bezel gestures are great, and the browser is unbelievable. I was so surprised, blackberry can still be in the game, they just gotta work out their app world troubles. Cannot wait until it gets some Android apps with OS 2.0. Build quality is superior as well.

  • Justin Credible

    Use one everyday, love it, stoked for OS2.0

  • Ryan

    The problem with the Playbook (I have one, managed to pick one up pre-Christmas on the RIM employee pricing plan through a friend) right now is lack of apps. I LOVE my Playbook, the web browsing on it is amazing and the bezel gestures are truly brilliant (and I find myself trying to use them on my android phone now), but the default music player isn’t great, and as far as I can tell from the market there appears to be *maybe* one other music player in the whole of BB app world. I’m *really* looking forward to seeing the android app options when 2.0 gets released next week.

  • steve lam

    I’ve had a playbook since late October. I’ve gone through the steps of dingleberry/testing out 2.0 beta/installing android market etc etc.

    Its still the most disappointing tablet I’ve used and I’ve used several android tablets as well. Sorry RIM, but I highly doubt adding email/calendar is going to save the playbook.

  • Jack

    I agree that the gesturing is excellent, though Ive only tried a playbook. I own a Meego powered Nokia N9 and love how the swiping works. Much better in my mind than hitting home buttons. I hope that blackberry can move forward on the tablet / phone front and get back into the game. I hate the lowest common denominator comments, “They should use WP / Android.” It’d be a pretty dull world with a set choice in tablet / phone OS’s.