MTS 2011: wireless subscribers reach 496,432, iPhone helps data revenue increase by 46.1%


  • TestMe

    MTS is my favourite! 🙂

  • SaHiL

    Can someone fix the italics??

  • Larry

    Rogers and MTS are going hand in hand,A bad move on there part set up to fail.Bell rides/roams on the network but Telus will not that is why Telus coverage stops at the border with limited coverage around Winnipeg.

  • Quabba

    Interesting how they show a bunch of people sitting around on chairs… waiting…
    Which is typically what happens at an MTS Store. I wonder how many are sleeping?

  • youdidnthearitfromme

    Once the new billing system launches in July, you will see SIGNIFICANT handset changes. Calm before the storm!

    • The REAL Joe

      Elaborate on what your are talking about and your sources. I’ve contacted MTS every 2 weeks for the past year and they never once even budged on their standard “we don’t have any news to offer on new handsets now or in the future”.

  • Ricky Bobby

    But they still have some of the most shitty phones choices around, if not the most! They could pull most of Rogers’ Manitoba customers to them if they would just step up and get with the times as far as handsets go!!

  • SAM


  • The REAL Joe

    They would do a heck of a lot better if they’d get their heads out of their ‘you know whats’ and get some decent phones besides the iPhone – Android has the other half of the market you know MTS. Where the hell is the Galaxy Nexus???

  • Joe

    As of January 1st, 2012, they’re just MTS Inc., no Allstream. Time to update your tag (:

  • monkeysweat

    the only reason MTS is #1 in Manitoba is their coverage combined with their bundled pricing with tv/internet/home phone – I’m with Telus, which is good as long as you don’t need to head far outside of winnipeg it is cheaper and more data/services
    MTS will *give* you a phone plan for *free* but you have to have their other services and then you are locked in for 3 years.
    I used to be with MTS – but I left because they could never give 2 s**ts to help me when I wait in line in their store for over an hour to get a new phone, so I left.

    Customer service sux big time and other than having the iphone 4s – they really don’t have anything new – they only sell old phones and say they are the next best thing.

  • youdidnthearitfromme

    @The REAL Joe

    MTS planned to run their new billing system dubbed “APEX” when the HSPA+ network launched. Along with “APEX” would come better more flexible plans and high end phones. Unfortunately, “APEX” got pushed back, and pushed back, and pushed back and with it the phones. “APEX” will now be officially launched in July. Along with “APEX” comes new hardware. They aren’t running a LTE network to JUST run blackberry’s and iPhones. They’ve acknowledged there is a gap in their hardware lineup and with such a heavy investment into going HSDPA and now LTE, they will bring the great androids in. Trustttt me

  • EvanK

    I subscribe to MTS. Their new HSPA+ (or “4G” as they call it) network is pretty good, and the plans are extremely reasonable. I get 10 GB of full speed data, unlimited SMS and around 250 minutes a month for only $40. However, I’m using my own unlocked device. MTS’ handset selection is absolute utter $#!%, they’re still trying to sell the ORIGINAL Moto Milestone and the old HTC Hero on their CDMA network, and some low end device called the Motorola Spice on HSPA. They have 3 Android devices, and they all are either terribly outdated or just suck. Their other devices include tons of Blackberrys, most of them a few generations old, some ancient Nokia Symbian phone and the iPhone 4s. The only devices worth while are the iPhone and one or two of the new Blackberrys, the rest suck.

    If MTS wants more subscribers, they need a better handset selection like Robbers, erm, I mean Rogers. Even Sasktel has them beat by a long shot. If you want to subscribe to them now, BYOD (bring your own device), otherwise you’ll be stuck on a 3 year with a phone that’s already 3 years old when you buy it. I mean, seriously, they still sell Blackberrys with trackballs.

    • Andre

      Hey Evan, what plan do you have with MTS?

      I’m currently on the Telus Promo plan for $40/mo. I got the Windows Phone 7.5 LG E900h for 0$ on a 1 year plan. It was a good deal in a special 72hour web only sale last week.

      The special Telus $40 promo plan has unlimited voice and text but only 100 MB data per month.

      I like the Windows 7 phone, which I’m pleasantly surprised with. I was going to go iPhone, but couldn’t justify the cost and the 3 year lock-in.

      Now I have a nice phone that’s free and clear in 1 year and I can move it to anyone after. I may move it to MTS if I can get the higher data rate plan for about the same cost as I don’t make many voice calls and only text a few times a week.

  • DDP

    Apex was suppose to launch last year…. MTS is a joke, I worked for them for 2 years recently and 2 years a long time ago. Its shitty having to sell a HTC Diamond to someone cause thats the best phone they had, now there “best” phone is the aging HTC Hero CDMA, from 2009!!!

  • Anon

    That number is pretty low considering SaskTel has over 550,000 subscribers, and Manitoba has a larger population than Saskatchewan.

  • T1MB1T

    Lies all lies! Thats More than wind has and we all know its false! TONY said his company was the fastest growing one in Canada! Of all the carriers we have the most NEW business! the others all lie! come and ask the no gag reflex club and we will tell you! More megga hurts means we are the best!

  • pots

    wait till wind gets there