MapQuest tries to one-up Google Maps with new HTML5-based web app for iPhone and Android

MapQuest has unveiled its new mobile strategy today by releasing not two separate apps for iPhone and Android but a web app that is compatible with both. In the browser.

The project was unveiled last year, but MapQuest hopes that this endeavour will boost its cross-platform usability by being out-of-the-box compatible with a number of different ecosystems, without the cost and time associated with different development teams and coding languages. More platforms are expected to be added soon.

Developed with HTML5 and Javascript, the new website is available at www.mapquest.com inside your mobile browser, and provides many of the same functionality as your native Google Maps. The app incorporates a dynamic menu that scrolls horizontally bringing one-touch access to landmarks such as gas stations, post boxes, schools, hospitals and restaurants. There seem to be a number of built-in sponsorships, too; my local Hampton Inn was displayed among the more generic boxes in the menu.

There are driving and walking directions, conveyed in an attractive and smooth interface that feels as native as HTML5 has ever been. Graphics and animation are good, but you still get the feeling you are sitting in a browser. The advantage is that the layout is the same whether you are on iPhone or Android.

The service is free, with built-in ads, and if it seems like your cup of tea, check it out.

Source: MapQuest blog
Via: Phonescoop