RIM makes Playbook 2.0 software official, details extensive improvements


  • Kid.Canada

    Can’t wait till it comes out!! 😀

  • choy

    No mention of running Android apps?

  • mp

    Yes!!!! Sounds great!!!

  • When RIM When?

    When, exactly is this coming?

    How about a date RIM, instead of “February”. Remember how “60 days” and “summer” and “late fall” turned out?

    • 1230mAh

      “RIMM makes software upgrade Official”
      What the hell does that mean?:
      -Is it ready? if it is why can’t I get it NOW?
      -If its coming from RIM its official isnt it?
      -If its REALY coming in Feb, why not COMMIT to a FIRM DATE?
      -Is it February 2013 or 2012??

      I wish Lazaridis could compile BB code the way he talks in Buzz-words-Code!!

  • EvanK

    If this had been available when the PB launched, it would’ve been a kick a*s tablet. Native apps like Email were holding me back from it when I was in the tablet market, it’s a shame that it took so long.

    Anyways, looks great! The Email client looks awesome.

  • TheTigerTek

    I can’t wait… the BlackBerry Remote feature is “Magical” lol. I watched the PlayBook OS 2.0 video… Tab email looks sleek.

  • Adam Jambroni

    No Android emulator? Fail.

  • Real_Deal

    Still no Netflix or Skype?

  • omar

    i want f*****g NETFLIX

    • Sterling

      Netflix isn’t coming! It’s been said many times as well as SKYPE! Hence the RIM Video Store coming out instead

  • Josh

    is the playbook worth buying if you dont have a blackberry phone and if it isn’t worth buying without a blackberry phone then what kinda tablet do u suggest is a good tablet to buy if someone already has a samsung galaxy s2

    • Vishal

      It all depends on what you want to use the tablet for. I have the PlayBook and it’s great. Browsing is top notch, facebook, twitter, lots of cool games and apps.
      the need for a blackberry isn’t there. With your android phone you can still use a wifi hotspot or pair it with bluetooth and boom! shared data plan. having a BlackBerry is only good if you want to use the bridge function, but with the 2.0 update coming soon, you won’t even need that.

  • Johnny Boy

    Yeah, It better be a complete overhaul, cause the playbook just simply sucks right now, I just bought one on sale at 200 $ and IMO its not even worth that much, browser sucks, always freezes, bing maps is useless, cant even find my location… and there is a lot more that sucks…. no wonder it did not sell well at 399 $, i`m thinking of returning it and I only paid 200 $ …. And the app selection simply sucks !!! sorry for the ones who like the playbook, but so far I owned an Ipad, a acer iconia 7″ and a galaxy tab…. I have to say that the playbook is by far the worst one right now !!!!!

  • Tony

    This should have all been in 1.0, too little too late.

  • Mike

    I hope Android Player still makes it for Feb…

    • Sterling

      Android app player is integrated in, the Android apps are ported over and will be available through Appworld.

  • Obstacle-Man

    If you want Netflix / Skype then tell those companies.

    • koko

      Yeah, I told them… they politely asked me to buy an iPed or a roboSlate or something like that…

  • Xer

    Just go and buy your own coffin

  • koko

    No Skype?

  • HotTorontoDeals.com

    I thought PB 2.0 was supposed to have some android support as well, even if a little klunky. What about apps like Skype?

  • Vyc

    dont see any android market on the list…

    • Rick

      Android Market won’t be there – it was only working if the device is rooted. RIM will want all android apps packaged their way and in the App World.. and the prices will probably be double or more as well.

  • Roman P

    No android no bbm? Are you serious? It took them almost a year to make an email client? This is just sad.

  • Sterling

    Android app player is integrated in, the Android apps are ported over and will be available through Appworld.

    Netflix is NOT coming, as well SKYPE is NOT coming either!!!

    • Terry

      If the Netflix app isn’t coming, they could at least improve the browser so the Netflix site can be used instead.

  • nauman

    As others have mentioned, the availability of the new apps is the android apps being brought over.

    RIM doesn’t want to mention Android apps, since android market won’t be there and it will confuse the average consumer. People on tech sites would know but the average consumer just wants the application.

    And RIM has never said Skype or Netflix is not coming. Some people have mentioned there is some code in the 2.0 beta for netflix, but I am not sure.

    • Sterling

      my brother inlaw works at RIM, and because Skype was bought by MS, there are major conflicts of competition apparently and from what the programmers have been told is that SKYPE will not be available ever on a blackberry platform. Why do you think after years, iOS and Android have skype apps, yet no love for RIM?

  • Rick

    that’s crap.. netflix and Kindle reader are my 2 fav apps on my android.. don’t know why I got this stupid playbook.. the apps are too expensive and the device is too limiting.

    • Sterling

      Well maybe you should have done some homework and research before buying it…. Take it back, get your money and get a tablet that best suits your needs!

    • ABS

      I’m using the Kindle Android app on my Playbook with the beta version of the new OS. Works nicely for me and, all importantly, does the cross-device synching at you’d expect.

  • rufusy

    Android app play is coming in Feb. Just not being highlighted at CES. App player can play Skype. I’ve seen it on 2.0 beta versions. Fyi

    • Sterling

      I have seen that too, BUT have you seen video and audio on OS2? I have 2 playbooks and one has the beta OS on it and I tried the android SKYPE and the chat works, but will NOT work with video or audio.

  • ABS

    The Android app player is in the beta and it works pretty well. I can’t imagine that it won’t be in the final release.

    • Sterling

      Android apps are being ported to the QNX software, there will not be a Android Market, all android apps will be available through Appworld and there will not be anything that will identify an Android app vs a RIM app

  • Sterling

    AD2P is also in the Beta release, but not on the official document! It WILL be there, but there are a number of silenced updates as some of the things RIM doesn’t want the public to know they gaffed on some key features like Autocorrect and AD2P

  • Jim

    WTF? Where’s the Adroid apps player?? crap.

    • Sterling

      Android apps are being ported to the QNX software, there will not be a Android Market, all android apps will be available through Appworld

    • Ivan

      I hope the pricing matches. I won’t be playing Angry Birds for BB till I can get it for the same price ($0) I have it for on my androids.

  • Uncle G

    The product is a Dog.

    No Netflix, Skype or ability to run Andriod failures…..

    Wanna sell this thing Mike?

    Make an App which lets this run iOs apps.

    Then sell it for $299

  • Terry

    Aside from the netflix and android issues people are having, I watched a video over at crackberry about 2.0 and I have to say, I’m pretty impressed. lol

    Specifically the controller, email and contacts features.
    The email app blows IOS and Androids out of the water.

  • agentjucey

    What happens to the android app player?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    Where did it go to????????????????????????????????
    ……..:@ :@ :@ :@
    RIMs pissing me off now.

    • sterling

      please read my previous comments. the android player is going to be invisable and the apps will be available via appworld and not be labeled as android apps!!!!!

  • Jake

    I think the question that should be asked is why does the US get the video store before Canada does.

    • Jonno

      because like many things, it is easier and faster to get licensing for multimedia content in the USA first than it is anywhere else in the world. The majority of motion picture studios that produce the big hollywood blockbusters are located in the USA, and they will license in their own country first before they allow for licensing elsewhere. I am quite certain we Canadians will get the movies app pretty shortly after.

  • haha

    RIM is doing a really good job of not letting anyone use it to actually check e-mail or to sync an account. NOT ONCE ANYWHERE HAS THIS SUPPOSED PB 2.0 BEEN SHOWN TO RECEIVE OR SEND AN E-MAIL! ITS ALL FAKE E-MAIL MESSAGES PRELOADED.

    • sterling

      i have seen it running. looks so awesome and works very well.

  • Greg

    curious how much memory the new OS will take up. i have a 32gb so i am sure it is more than fine but what about people with 16gb?

  • polywog

    os2.0 shouldnt be a problem with the 16gig pb. os dont take more than a few gig max

  • haha

    Really? You’ve seen it synchronize your own account, and to actually receive and send an e-mail? That’s news to me.

    PlayBook e-mail has been demonstrated 3 times in total.

    1. In a video from LAST YEAR where a RIM employee shows the interface, but doesn’t show it actually sending/receiving e-mails.

    2. Again, today, the videos that were released at CES were carefully choreographed and led by the RIM employee. Not once was it shown to actually send or receive an e-mail.

    3. Kevin at CrackBerry claimed he has seen PB e-mail work, but in his podcast he merely held up a PlayBook that was entirely white and blamed it on the camera glare, despite several other colours on the screen coming in through.

    So there you have it. PlayBook has never been shown to send/receive e-mail. There is a large difference between making a puppet GUI and inserting holder e-mails than actually getting the system to work.

    • Sterling

      Yes I Have seen it running. My brother inlaw works at RIM as a network engineer and I have seen the email push and pull. Not synced to my accounts, but synced to his account. I have seen the LED notification blink when he gets an email, I have seen the email notification count go up when he gets an email.

      Just because you haven’t seen evidence of it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Why would RIM show something off and it not work?

      Get a life….

  • Guy

    Anything they do, they do with 16gig as they’re focus. And 16 gigs is plenty of memory, there’s no reason to ever worry an OS of all things would cause excessive bloating.

  • Dan J

    ALL I want is the Android app player. Shouldn’t Netflix and Kindle be able to work through that? I really hope it will be easy to sideload apk files onto the thing once it’s out.

    • Sterling

      Dan, the android Market won’t appear, ALL apps will be through App World, and in the beta OS2, you can get kindle which works, but Skype WILL NOT besides just typing chat, no video and no audio. RIM and SKYPE (owned now by Microsoft) have never played nice together and that will not change now

  • Brett

    And on that day, not a single f**k was given.
    Except maybe from the 10 RIM employees who purchased one.

  • JustMeAndMe

    finally the right approach from RIM. not trumpeting what is planned, but slowly innovating and bringing on market (well, this last one is just my hope).

    although i had to LOL when I read that “RIM is a GLOBAL LEADER in wireless technology”. how about global catch-up-er?

  • Kevin

    My Playbook will rock and roll with this update. Bring it RIM!!