Samsung Galaxy S Glide Review (Video)


  • Sean

    You guys really do the best reviews.

    • Wia

      Better than Eng*dget.

  • Andy

    plus first time being 2nd comment

  • Vitor

    I dont understand why the benchmark scores are low. I am using this phone now, and it’s so incredibly smooth! It also runs android and plays games much better than the EVO 3D I had before this. I would say the Tegra 2 is better than the Snapdragon dual cores, esp for games.

    • Matty

      No s**t Einstein, much better GPU core.

    • KingK

      Check the SmartBench numbers, it still beats all the other phones and clocked lower. Those other crappy bench marks don’t matter anyway.

      Run Quadrant on this thing and you’ll get 4000 stock.

      Saying Qualcomm and Ti passed Tegra 2 is a joke.

      Even at @1.5ghz they barely keep up, Evo 3d chokes on so many games.

  • M1K3Z0R

    Looks like an amazing phone, but can’t wait for the price to drop to something more reasonable

  • 4inchesrocks

    I would get this phone in a second (there are not many 4″ screens) but the QWERTY kills the deal for me. I don’t like it, I don’t need it, makes the phone more expensive and heavier for me.
    in 2012 It seems like:
    3.5 ” is budget,
    3.7″is low entry
    4″ is mide level ?? Hopefully, since there are more 4.3″
    and 4.5″ is high end.

    The amazing thing is that Im talking about SCREEN Sizes.
    The LG Optimus one with a 3.2″ screens has the same dimensions as the samsung Exhibit 2 which has a 3.7″
    So maybe we will get 4.3″ phones with the dimensions of 4″ phones……the problem is the Battery remains THE SAME.
    The only solution to the problem is better technology in screens (OLED) otherwise you will be getting a bigger screen with a lower battery life. (hence my personal preference for 4″

    • Rio

      Screen size is more of a personal preference rather than how much a person can afford.

      I might get a 3.5in screen because I have tight pants and it is easier for my phone to fit in. Someone else might want a 4.3in because they like the real estate and are able to carry that around.

      It is not a matter of low and high end phones.

  • pasuljko

    Nice review but one remark … how “almost 2 days of battery life” can warrant 9.5 mark, please don’t lower the criteria to fit the unfortunate reality of the moment.
    While in today smartphone world 2 days of battery life is definitely way above the average, let’s call it “acceptable” and give it between 6 and 7.

  • primetime

    In regards to the battery life, what sort of things were you doing on the device? Usage descriptions like browsing (heavy/moderate/light), apps, gps, etc.

    Also, a battery rundown would be useful, Engadget uses a method wherein they loop a movie at 65% brightness and they see how long it will take for the phone to die.

    Great review regardless, makes me want to get this because i’m a huge fan of qwerty keyboard phones.

  • Clockwork

    I’ve had this phone for a month now. I got it as part of my HUP to replace my x10 mainly because for the following reasons:
    1) Qwerty keyboard: there’s very few devices that have come out recently with one (Xperia Pro is the other which comes to mind)Even though I use Swype, I still wanted one. Personal preference.
    2) 4″ screen. I find anything bigger just too much for a mobile device. Again, personal preference.

    Negatives so far:
    1) I find the colors to be off when snapping photos, no matter how many settings I try. Maybe it’s an indoor thing. =/
    2) Some complain that network disconnects for data/voice, and depending on where I am, sometimes I don’t receive calls even though I have coverage, but a text msg still arrives.
    3) Back of phone plastic feels a bit slippery. I wish they added some rubber to the back cover. When you open the slider, you think the phone will take off from your hands.

    One positive though is that the phone has already been rooted (thx to the guys at XDA) so you can remove all the crap you don’t want.

    As for battery, I can go through about 2 full days without problem which includes:
    -auto brightness ON
    -about 1.5hrs of music listening
    -checking facebook, twitter regularly.
    -receive my gmail and work email.

  • arber

    I regret getting the skyrocket. I wish I got this instead

  • Max

    Bought this phone outright from someone selling their HUP. Got it for 350$ and at that price I am completely happy with it! Granted, I was upgrading from a dumbphone (SE K850i), I am extremely satisfied with all the features with this phone. I was, initially, unsure about the keyboard, but after using it for a couple weeks, I couldn’t be happier with it! Also, games run super well on it!

    Fantastic phone! I would give it 8.5-9/10!

  • leobg

    the display is a deal breaker for me. At this price display must have been super AMOLED plus (non-pentile) Bezel seems quite large too, feels like 4.3 inch SGSII display would have fit there just fine.

    They should have simply taken the Galaxy S II and add a qwerty keyboard. I’d buy such phone in a heartbeat!

    • DG

      I have to agree with you leobg. I don’t understand why you need to make so many sacrifices to get a physical keyboard. I assume it’s to keep the thickness under control. Still, it’s tough to try and prioritize when both options lack. Hopefully in a year they will figure out how to make a cutting edge phone that has a keyboard.

  • D1MW1T

    This phone on wind is amazing! get signal anywhere. You should have gotten it from wind!

    • chemicaltree

      Honestly I would love to get this on wind but they dont offer it. wish i had the funds to buy it outright and put it on wind….

  • d1mw1t

    sorry did not mean to yell but I am right! My store sold all of the returns as new phones! losers!

  • Joey

    Nice review and nice granite counter-top! Exactly the same as mine … LOL.

  • jim

    tried a demo model at FS yesterday…the keyboard is crap compared to obviously blackberry, and also droid 2-3… reminds me of the droid 1 as far as keyboards go. it also felt really cheap…now ill say that it could have just been the demo model that is cheap feeling. but id reccomend you try it out, write an email, or long text before you purchased. anyways fyi.

  • Jeremy

    I ordered this phone from rogers today, and will be back with some more feedback on the device once I have received it and play with it for a while

  • Andrew

    Anyone know if there is FM radio on the rogers version of this phone?

  • veronica

    can you put books on the galaxy glide???

  • Anita

    Would you recommand this phone because I wanna get a phone thet I will like and will work good! Is it an Android? Please give me all the info you can give me 🙂 Thank you!

  • Kels

    I’ve had this phone for 6 months. Yes, it works fantastically wonderful for the first few months.. And then come the glitches. YouTube doesn’t close properly. The camera will not open half of the time. Battery life is reduced to about 6 hours, maybe. Texts don’t send. Texts aren’t received. When people call you, you don’t receive it and it doesn’t tell you that you have a missed call. And eventually, every half hour the screen will freeze and go pale with lines across it. Yu need to reboot it to make it work again. And a small while after that, it will stop turning on. For five minutes… Then half an hour… Then a few days… And then indefinitely.

    My phone is currently in for repairs. It won’t turn on. It is not a battery issue, because I purchased a new one and it made no difference

    Don’t get this phone, quite frankly, it sucks.

  • Yad

    I got this phone.. (SGH-I927R)
    love the QWERTY…
    love the microphone option…
    applications are great…
    battery life is poor… 3hrs max… and it heats up rapidly… must cool off prior to recharging…
    after 1mth of use, had to purchase unlock code… have used it 3 times already in less than 3 mths…

    I need to download its software… because when I connect to laptop it does not read the phone and cannot download pics…
    can someone suggest a link?
    my search skills are faltering, have not found a thing…

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  • unknown

    Is this phone out in the UK yet? If so where?