Bell Motorola XT860 4G also gets bumped up to OS 2.3.6 today


  • Eric Hacke

    Been waiting for this for awhile! My gf will be happy if it makes her phone suck a little less.

  • Alex Perrier


  • Alex Perrier

    This is called the Droid 3 or Milestone 3 elsewhere. Why call it the XT860 here? Annoying name, difficult to sell. Maybe another provider should carry this?

    • Accophox

      Don’t ask about the use of XT860… but the XT862 is the model name of the Droid 3, XT883 for a variant in China, and ME863 for another Chinese variant. BR has an XT860 too (which is called the Milestone 3… but also includes Motoblur (actual service w/ login).

  • Excalibur

    Same thing here. Why should we be happy for getting a newer build of an obsolete OS version?
    This should have been ICS. There’s nothing to celebrate with this.

    • Accophox

      We’re talking about Motorola here. This is a company that doesn’t give a s**t about updates for international territories. At least 3 month lead time for any phone updates to trickle down to us.

      Case in point – look at the Xoom. Canadian versions are STILL on 3.1. US versions are now 3.2.2.

  • gtaguy

    Well I got the ota notice .. did the download .. phone rebooted and the update failed.. I have tried repeating the steps 3 times and no luck on getting this update to install sucessfully.. Motorola Atrix using the bell network..

  • NHL

    I go to system update and it says my device is already up to date, but Im still running android 2.3.4 version.
    Moto Atrix- Bell Network

    • CT

      Been chasing the Bell reps around since yesterday over this one as I can’t get my phone to update either. The last rep I spoke to told me that the 2.3.6 update for Atrix/XT860 is supposed to be tomorrow (Dec 14, 2011).

  • saffant

    What about us Galaxy SII users?

  • Max

    The Droid 4 is rumoured for release in the US before the end of December. Does anyone have any info on when it might be heading to Canada, and on what carrier?

  • Niall

    Just like NHL, I have the Bell Moto XT860 and have had no notice, tried the Update Phone and had the “your phone is up to date” notice. Might have to call someone soon?

    • CT

      See my above post. According to a Bell rep I just spoke to, the update is planned for tomorrow (Dec 14, 2011).

  • Niall

    Thank you CT! I’ll keep an eye out – probably around midday.

  • Hallomynameis_

    Update is live for me. Currently download atm =)

  • JimBob

    Just ran the update on my Bell xt860-droid3, took about 10 minutes to apply. The initial boot up took a couple of minutes to complete staying at the pulsing M dual core screen. Everything seems to be working fine, find it a bit quicker too….

  • CT

    Yep; looks like a big OTA push. I’ve got my 860 running the update now. Finally!

  • Accophox

    Also, for those curious (and those that want to drop the blur-esque stuff), there was an SBF leak for the Brazillian XT860. It’s not a perfect restore to stock, but great if you wanted to experiment with safestrap and try some of the XT862 (Droid3) ROMs out there… and didn’t care about your warranty. No CyanogenMod yet (there are builds for the XT862 – but the GSM/UTMS doesn’t work), but it’s being worked on.

  • Kristin

    Updated my XT860 successfully and so far so good. Seems a little more snappier. They fixed the battery usage meter showing display using up display instead of cell standby. Not sure if that will translate into better battery life or not but I guess we’ll see. Other than that haven’t really looked or noticed any new visual changes. 🙂

  • Brian

    Automatically notified of the update and the Update went smooth.
    I’ve noticed some improvements. The first improvement was my corporate email sync started to work… not for my emails that are sorted by rules though. You only receive notifications for emails in your inbox not if they are sorted automatically into a subfolder. To see the emails that are automatically sorted by rules you have to navigate to the subfolder… Apparently this is sorted in ICS.
    I’ve also noticed changes in the dictionary/auto-correct and I am happy with the upgrade.
    I’ve found the phone to a be a bit more fluid and responsive after the update.
    Still have problems with my space bar not always working on the physical keyboard.