RIM’s first BBX device to be called the Surfboard? Don’t believe it, dude

This morning, BlackberryOS reports that the first BBX-powered BlackBerry is going to be called the Surfboard. Rather, it has been renamed the Surfboard for internal purposes, though initially it had gone by another name, “London.”

Confused yet?

Ultimately it doesn’t matter: RIM filed for the Canadian trademark of both the BlackBerry “Surfbook” and BlackBerry “Surfboard,” but the Playbook’s final name had nothing to do with the eponymous watersport. In fact, they applied for the Surfboard name before the Surfbook, all the way back in May, 2010. Sure, the name is “whimsical and fun,” but not product-worthy.

There is no doubt we all want RIM’s next phone(s) to blow us out of the water (see what I did there?), and I wouldn’t be surprised if they do away with the confusing number convention altogether (Who wants a BlackBerry 10000?). All this means is that RIM is still experimenting, trying out new ideas, covering their ground, getting their feet wet.

So if you’re worried that your BBX-powered BlackBerry will have a silly name like Surfboard? Don’t believe it, dude.

Source: BlackberryOS
Via: TechCrunch