RIM’s first BBX device to be called the Surfboard? Don’t believe it, dude


  • anona

    The *should* call it the Surfboard, because it’s going to be floating dead in the water when it’s released.

  • Rick Lowes

    I’m personally pulling for RIM – they are a major Canadian tech company and innovator, so I hope they can pull their stuff together and emerge back as a major player…it’s gonna be damn tough though against the likes of Apple and Google, MS and the rest…they’ve got a lot of work to do. And yes give their devices actual names, not numbers… especially for the consumer market – people need device NAMES to talk about, not numbers.

  • Steven

    I do want to see RIM succeed in bringing new, innovative devices to the table. Creativity in design and stronger specs will do a lot for them. Hopefully the new BBX devices will be amazing. Although, I find it pointless how they are continually releasing BB7 devices; outdated so quickly, and gives customers no incentive to buy.

  • JV

    wow, at first glance, i see this being very vulnerable to people knocking this product down. i mean seriously look at it. now i know everyone is afraid of making a rectangular phone because somehow apple decided that no other product can be rectangular cause apparently they believe they own that shape. but this one looks on the ridiculous side. This thing better be mind blowing, it better be able to make me pancakes and waffles in the morning, and drive me to work. So i hope they got something epic in terms of hardware and software. Good luck RIM.

  • Phyxius

    i truly hope as rick say that they pull their stuff together, but i am so doubtful that they can come back to what they used to be… blackberry is not known for customizing like the android or simplicity like the iphone.. it’s known primarily for business and emails. their apps aren’t the best and it is a relatively complicated phone to understand for those who don’t know what service books are and such (i work as tech support for a cell company so i see it everyday and they don’t know) i hope rim manages to get a piece of the pie they lost and bounces back… I’m just skeptical. let’s hope i’m wrong

  • Damien

    I’ve seen people switch back to RIM from Apple, due to the keyboard. Their BES functionality is still far ahead of anything thing anyone else has to offer…

    Though they aren’t dead yet, I think their survival rests on their next generation. Do it right, and they will keep going, screw up, just a little, and they probably wind up like Nortel.

  • DOA

    Dead on arrival

  • Rich

    While I don’t mind bashing the old BB OS, I am excited about BBQ/QNX on the horizon.
    -Competitive- consumer choice is always a good thing.

  • Nexus

    Just go away RIM, nobody likes you anymore.
    So you finally made a full touch phone, you’re like 5 years late to the party.

    • Alexander

      This isn’t their first full touch phone.

  • Paul Arbour

    I dunno, we could get up to the Blackberry 190043, it has a certain ring to it, okay maybe not…

  • applesucks

    @Nexus – obviously you have no idea what you’re talking about, the Blackberry Storm (full touch) came out before the iphone did

    • Brian

      Yeah the Storm… the phone that made everyone on a CDMA network envy their GSM brethern because they had an iPhone but the poor CDMA people were stuck with that god awful Storm. I wouldn’t even call that touch screen, you had to pretty much jam your finger in the screen to get a response after a year. Even in the first year it was terribly inaccurate.

  • MikeP

    for s**t sakes I hope rim doesn’t come out with 12 new devices with names like 9876, 9984, 9920, 9837 etc. Come out with one high end superphone, one middle and one low end… And give them cool names not numbers….

  • canuckpunk

    Blackberry 8675309 code named “TommyTuTone”

  • Paul Q

    I can’t wait to see what six months ago will look like.

  • Don

    As long as RIM doesn’t adopt stupid names like the ones used by HTC and Samsung I’m happy.

    Honestly, Apple has the best names simply because they are recognizable and easy to differentiate.

  • anona

    RIM had 10 years to do what Google did in 2. They deserve to go the way of Palm if they couldn’t capitalize on their market lead.