Joy Of Tech Halloween Cartoon targets “things that are dead”, TouchPad and PlayBook


  • b

    wow… really?

  • Munir

    Hmm…. but my Touchpad has GB 2.3 CM7 a2.1 and WebOS dual boot Trust me, it’s awesome! I’m soooo happy that I could grab one.

  • ToniCipriani

    Is it supposed to stand for something that the guy is in a black shirt?

    But can’t see if he’s wearing jeans…

  • Dan

    Being an owner of an ipad, honeycomb tablet and webOS tablet, I can honesty say that the webOS experience is superior to all others – it’s a damn shame that it’s been (being) killed. Multitasking on webOS is lightyears ahead of ios or honeycomb (which both “fake it”).

    • Jim R

      Exactly which part of honeycomb is “faking” multitasking?

      Can’t speak to the UI layer, but the base OS of honeycomb includes the linux kernel which is a multitasking kernel.

  • NAP

    Here is an example of something that works on webOS but does not on Andriod (yet). Open the browser, go to a on demand audio/video sit (like and start watching a show. Quickly switch to another application to look up something …

    On WebOS: Video continues to play
    On Andriod: Video stops playing

    The problem is the idiom, past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Andriod might not be able to do it yet, but it is definitely in the works. At some point the technology in WebOS will be standard on other platforms and they will surpass it as the OS development is essentially stopping (hey when you fire > 500 employees it means that).

    The touchpad’s asset is WebOS. The problem is that asset is depreciating.

    • Jim R

      Not intentionally trying to be difficult, but couldn’t one consider it a feature that a video pauses while it’s not possible to view it?

    • W B

      The video continues to play on my Galaxy Tab 10.1, because Touchwiz 4.0 opens various applications without interrupting the background operation. But your example is not the best one to prove multitasking on Android 3.x. Not to take anything away from the features of WebOS. Once ICS is released on tablets, multitasking will be more visual with the task manager than it is on Honeycomb.

  • W B

    So the moral of the drawing is … if the iphone dressed up as Steve Jobs instead, he would have got some candy?

  • Slype

    My wife had a PalmPre and it really was the best OS… Palm problems were:

    * a little too early for the whole HTML5/CSS only apps
    * released their SDK to developers 2 months AFTER launch
    * slow hardware updates
    * small app store (as a result of the HTML5 and late SDK)

    In the end though, it was the Web OS that started linked contact accounts (Synergy they called it), multitasking on mobiles (the card system still beats out what Android and Apple have) and their notification system inspired Android and was recently copied by Apple (it’s 2011 guys, you can stop using modal boxes for notifications – lol).

    I wish they would have survived but they screwed up on a couple of key things that doomed them from the start. Oh well, their innovation will live on in the other mobiles OS’s.

  • saffant

    The Touchpad’s touch screen accuracy is crap — and yes that’s coming from the owner of a 32gig.

  • Blair Thiessen

    Like a lot of people here in the comments are pointing out, WebOS had a lot of great features. Why doesn’t HP license WebOS out like Microsoft does WP7? I think WebOS could shine a lot more on other hardware. Can demand certain hardware requirements to make it easier to release updates. Though I think Microsoft’s restrictions are too strict, such as limiting to 800×480 resolution.

  • Ulysses

    Worst comic humour ever…

  • Nick M

    The only one who thinks the PlayBook is still alive is RIM.