Kobo Vox Android tablet now up for pre-order for $199, shipping October 28th


  • Adam

    Great price. Especailly seeing as some e-readers can be more expensive than this, plus it’s an Android.

  • Robert

    Will it have access to the Android Market? or can you only download apps from the kobo market?

  • Andy

    The article even mentions Android market

  • Jason

    Just ordered mine! Plus with access to the Android market, I can download the Kindle app and have the best of all ebook worlds, sweet!

  • Jim R

    Android 2.3, access to the Android market, and $199. What’s the catch?

  • aiden

    Id rather buy Canadian …so getting this instead of kindle fire.

    • RichieRich

      FYI… pretty sure Kobo isnt Canadian. Or at least the advertising company or web designers they hired arent Canadian. key word that gave me a good hint. Colour…. they spelt it Color.

    • Jonesy1966

      They are Canadian, they’re majority owned by Chapters-Indigo.

  • Robert

    I read in another artcle that it’s 800mhz. Kindle Fire is dual core 1Ghz provessor.

    • astudent

      if the OS is codded right, it wouldn’t be a problem, lets hope the Kobo Vox managed to do that

    • Bryce

      The Kindle Fire is US only. So, that dual core is useless in Canada.

  • vn33

    This is a good price for a tablet which has full access to Market, available to Canadian, and adequate specs. People will moan and groan about the 800Mhz processor, but it is designed to be an e-Reader first, being an Android tablet is a bonus.
    I also have a CM7’d Nook Colour but I find some apps get FC regularly which requires me to uninstall & re-install.

  • Paul

    Not as great a processor as the Fire but it still looks good. If it can run Netflix off the Android Marketplace, I’m in over getting a new iPod Touch at the same price.

  • Joel

    This has expandable storage – like an SDHC or micro SDHC card. The Kindle Fire doesn’t. This is more likely to be hacked by modders to upgrade it to Honeycomb (Android 3.0), Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.).

    The Kindle is using a modified Android Eclair (based on rumour) to hide it’s android-ness. This one is superior for that reason alone.

    Custom roms allow unofficial upgrades, advanced features (Cyanogenmod) and of course – more storage. I’ve yet to find an android anything that doesn’t allow me to install Google Market.

    • RICH

      Kindle Fire has Android 2.3 also, not 2.1.

  • Alan

    Thia sounds like a great upgrade to my Nook Color, as I wasn’t overly impressed by the Kindle Fire with its lack if a SD slot. Let the modding begin!

  • Scott

    “15,000 apps in the Android Market”?

    What happened to the other 185,000?

  • Mario Lo

    Does this run flash so I can watch shows or stream movies?

  • Big 3

    does anyone know if this tablet have “other language” option in settings?