Kobo Vox debuting on October 17th, bringing Android tablet love to Canadians for $249


  • Andy A

    Glad to see that more affordable tablet options are coming out!

  • Stephen Elsker

    I’d still be hard pressed to buy this, or the fire, over a cheap playbook.

    • Sean

      But this one actually uses the android market as proposed to a scaled down version of it “sometime” in the future

    • Bryce

      But the Fire is essentially useless in Canada. Amazon Prime, MP3, and the App store are US only products.

  • Joke!!!!!!!

    You get what you pay for!

  • JustMeAndMe

    price should be less than 200 to be able to withstand competition. otherwise it’s just another sunken ship in a sea of tablets.

  • Darren

    All this competition does is drive overall pricing down, whether you personally like it or not. If it takes a big enough bite out of Apple’s market, even they’ll have to adjust their pricing. It’s a win, take it. Now about that name – sounds way too much like the lead singer of U2.

  • Sunny

    Kindle is at $200 and most analysts believe Amazon would be losing $50 per machine. This one is $250. Nicely done Chapters.

  • Adam

    Don’t new gadgets usually come out on a Tuesday? Last time i checked the Vox comes out on the 17th – which is a Monday -_-

  • cindy petterson

    Price is $199 thru ChaptersIndigo!