LG Optimus One “Skype Edition” coming to Koodo Mobile

The LG Optimus One was Koodo Mobile’s first Android device and it was released last March. Other Android devices have taken over their lineup, such as INQ Cloud Touch, LG Optimus Chat, Samsung Galaxy Ace and the Nexus S. According to this internal screenshot it shows that Koodo will launch the LG Optimus One “Skype Edition” for $175 outright. No word if Koodo will be placing the original Optimus One on End of Life status, or if this will be simply added to the lineup. The specs will be exactly the same except this Skype Edition, which is similar to TELUS’ LG Optimus Black Skype Edition, will have Skype preloaded and come with the ability to purchase and bill Skype credits directly to your wireless account.

We’ll have more info soon!
(Thanks tipster!)