LG Optimus One “Skype Edition” coming to Koodo Mobile


  • Terry

    Hmmm OK i’TS weird

  • sean

    So all they did was include Skype which is a free download on it. If they really wanted a “Skype” edition they should of put a front facing camera on it at least and kept the same price…

  • OpptimusSkam

    Or you can get the Optimus One prepaid from Telus for $130, load Sykpe in it and put $45 for the same price!

    Telus and Koodo really have to align their pricing!
    No Unlocking necessary from Telus to Koodo and Viceversa.

    • observer

      Is it true? I mean did you really tried both SIM cards on an Telus or Koodo unlocked phone?

    • Timothy

      The only exception is with RIM products, where you actually have to change the BB Book services (A call to Koodo or Telus customer service or the net), but in general wit HSPA the SIM cards are interchangeable.
      Separating the Koodo and Telus networks at that level is not cost efficient for either of them, only a few people buy phones outright in Canada, most of them go for a 3yr contract so its no big deal for them.

      Optimus one for $130 with Telus, Curve 9300 for $175 in Koodo, samsung Ace for $200 in Koodo, BB 9360 for $300 in Koodo etc,

      CDMA phones do NOT work with eachother.

  • bob

    skype edition without a front camera???

  • Nick

    It better come with crazy good skype prices, because skype works pretty well with all android phones…

  • Drodro

    I got the Optimus One from Telus. Is 2.3 Gingerbread even out for this phone yet?

    • Timothy

      You have to root it(the equivalent of jailbreak in Android) with Androidbreak (get it in Android market) then go to xda forums (google it ) and isntal the newest ROM. the O1 is a GREAT phone. is heavy but has a nice feeling. I have dropped it 5 times and still working, I have Android 2.3.7 right now and overclocked it at 767Mhz and it flies! (I have taken it to 827MHz but the battery wont last the full day) The Secret with this phone is that it comes with 512MB in RAM! just like the mid /high end phones up to recently. Not bad for a phone that came out in Nov 2010 and that you can get from $75 (Koodo on sale) -$130 Telus prepaid) if you need an Entry Android phone this is it! the only thing is the screen is kinda crappy (I don’t mind that much actually) and the size 3.2 inch is what will make me upgrade this phone.

      With Android you have to look for a phone that has sold in good number and has good followers (this phone has sold millions in India and Easter Europe) so There are literally thousands of developers from those Countries. I think that if the specs allow it, this phone will be running Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) in a couple of months, even before Telus releases Android 2.3. Koodo released it and then pulled the update, apparently all the Bloatware was unstable.

  • Matthew

    The phone is already up on Koodo’s website. But it’s not named the “Skype Edition” It’s just under the regular Optimus One phone option with the added white colour and an update to 2.3 OS

  • Koodo Ninja

    Hey guys – Koodo cancelled the skype edition and release it as a White phone instead.

    Android 2.2

  • Adam

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