Update: Rogers launching LTE Samsung Galaxy S II September 28th… not so fast, still “coming soon”


  • Jon B.

    I just hope it’s released in Manitoba….

    • Andy

      If you read the twitter link, they say it will be Canada-wide launch.

    • Jon B.

      well i got another tweet from rogers saying “In our non LTE markets yet, it may not be available so best will be to order it online.”

  • Mitch Bundy

    Got mine reserved! 🙂 I’m 60-something-th in line. If that means anything.

  • seller

    snapdragon soc…. no thanks rather have the exynos…

  • KPH

    I’m waiting for Nexus Prime official news/release before pulling the trigger on anything at this time.

    Also, LTE data plans will be a big factor. Though I’m sure Rogers and Bell have been having meetings on what they are going to fix the price at.

    • Mike E

      Man that is so true, how can all of these Canadian companies have almost identical price packages? If this is not illegal price fixing, I don’t know what is.

  • Felipe

    Got a question. Those 40$ that they charge for reserving the phone, do you get them back? Thanks.

    • ilovebacon

      yes it does get refunded when you get the phone or cancel the reservation

  • Abe

    for those of you waiting for the Prime, you might be waiting till spring for us to get it here in Canada. If Google pulls the same crap they did with the Nexus S then yes you will be waiting till spring to get it here. Until then this is a good phone to have to hold us over.

  • XER

    With Roger’s pricing on LTE, it won’t attract much people like myself.

    Even with download speed 100MBp on LTE, unless you are constantly watching Youtube 1080P video, 3G+ will server you just fine.

    I agree that faster speed meaning you will use more data since you will watch richer content and do more in the same amount of time.

    The pricing on this device would probably insane too. Like $299.00 with 3 year term with monthly price over $80.00, plus activation fee.

  • jay

    but are you sure that’s a samsung? apple should block it just to be on the safe side.

  • simian

    I picked up the Bell model off contract to run on Rogers but now I’m very tempted to sell my soul for another 3 years for one of these…
    I’m going to wait and see what happens with the Nexus Prime before I make any decisions though.

    • Roze

      @ Simian

      I did that with the Atrix. Got it right after launch and unlocked it on Rogers. I have an upgrade available. It’s dependent on how LTE is priced. I can’t afford to pay more for my data.

  • Chris

    Will this be available at fido too?

  • ELNY

    Just out of curiosity…I read that right now Rogers/Bell and soon to be TELUS are all using the 2100/1700 band for LTE with max theoretical speeds of 75down/25 up. When the 700 band auction goes and they have access to this, will all these “new” LTE devices be compatible with that frequency for better reception and higher download speeds?

  • Akbar


  • CanuckDrew

    Forget it. I’m waiting 2-3 weeks for the iphone 5. It’s likely going to kick the crap out of the GSII.

    • Dimitri

      You are going to wait for a phone that looks the exact same thing as the rest of the iphones before that? You are waiting for a iphone that the company that made it is acting like the are gods & can sue everyone else because they are scared of competition? Have fun Itoy. You are the reason why Apple is acting the way they are.

  • mbcls

    what the F wrong with you! why you getting galaxy S2 at 4.3 inches??
    i going to get this Roger S2 with HUGE 4.5″ and dual core for att !
    cant wait!

  • BigK

    Is Telus getting on the GSII train anytime soon? Been awhile since any rumours.

  • Stu

    i’m hoping to see something soon about the LTE data plans. until that time, i’m not moving ahead with the hardware upgrade rogers offered me.

  • krstnlndsy

    It’d be nice to see Telus get something useful sometime in the next year or two… *sigh*

  • E

    Trolled lol. Silly me for trusting a Rogers rep.

  • MARS

    Your going to be waiting a looooong time for the prime!!!

  • YAN

    There’s no such thing as a LTE superphone, or tablets. Why would manufactures only make LTE phones. And BELL and ROGERS in reality don’t have LTE network, its just another ploy by them in order to raise prices. The same as before with Rogers home high speed internet, they use to have very fast internet, then they started throttling the data speed, and then told their customers, if you want fast speed you use to have, pay an extra fee, and we will give you the fast speed you use to have. All that BELL and ROGERS is doing is just changing the name of 3g to LTE but really there’s no change from 3g speed. In order for BIG 3 to say they have a better service than Wind and mobilicity and an excuse to raise prices is to make a network name change. Don’t be fouled by BIg 3, its just a ploy to raise prices. same as food manufactures slowly increasing prices but then making their packaging smaller just to rip off consumers. same as Big 3 change the network name to LTE and raise prices but offer the same network but in disguise.

    • E

      Uh, no. As much as I dislike Rogers, I’m not gonna spout non-sense about them either. There are such things as LTE phones/tablets, because they have the hardware capable of actually using the LTE networks that regular ones don’t (which is the reason why LTE phones/tablets are more expensive, because they cost more to manufacture). And there is a difference between 3G and LTE, LTE isn’t even on the same spectrum (AWS for LTE) as the regular 3G network from Rogers.

  • mark

    Hmmmm. The problem is the HD screen phones are coming and samsung already showed one (the galaxy note with its 285ppi despite a 5.3 inch screen). IMO they should have focused on installing a 720p screen in this monster than overclocking the processor another 300Mhz which IMO is not needed (just put the exynos in it like original SGS2. Plenty fast).

    The low res and 4.5 inch don’t go hand in hand when it comes to reading and browsing, which are two primary functions for having a huge screen like this. So it is better to wait another 3-4 months for a HD screen phone on market if you got a decent smartphone for now IMO. Still keeping my captivate until then 🙂

    For people who say there will always be something better, close to 300ppi isn’t “better” or “groundbreaking”. It has already been achieved last year by Apple and Samsung already showed they have capability to put it but delaying it. So it is not new tech that we are waiting for, just something older to come to an android handset because it is a desirable function over others.

  • Mike

    I’m confused from the above comments. Is the Rogers version getting the exynos proc or something else?

  • steve

    Is this going to be a Snapdragon 1.5? If so the 1.2 exynos would still be faster.

  • the

    Honestly I don’t know if its exynos or snadragon and I won’t believe it just because its 1.5 ghz. If someone could provide a source that’d be helpful.

  • andy

    So when is rogers going to get the Samsung S II? Any chance it will be Sept 28th? I am so tired of waiting…Every other carrier has it so hopefully they will get it soon…