HTC reveals two new Windows Phone Mango devices, 4.7″ Titan and 3.8″ Radar


  • human

    4.7″? mini tablet? lol

  • defectiveperk

    and i thought 4.5″ wwas the highest they would go!
    i was wrong…

    • Adam

      Considering there is already a 5″ ‘phone’ out there, yes, you were wrong.

  • Jay Jay

    Great devices overall, not flagship worthy, but I’m sure HTC intended it to be that way – hopefully Canada will see these devices soon.

  • gjac0m

    Honestly, these phones have outdated specs. No qHD or dualcore. Microsoft, why are you not supporting qHD or dualcores?

    • DaRazorback

      Well see the thing is WP7 doesn’t support qHD screens or dual cores, that will be reserved for WP8, WP Apollo

    • bob

      WP7 devices are always behind. The first generation used old 65nm Snapdragon SoC. The new generation is barely catching up with last year Androids and iPhone4.

      OK 1.5 GHz is a bit faster, but it’s still the old Adreno 205 GPU, 512MB RAM and 800×480 SLCD.

      Next Microsoft will continue to wonder why they are loosing market share.

    • Keith

      A dual core would be nice but already single core chips running NoDo keep pace with dual core Android devices and Mango devices will are considerably faster yet. So a dual core Mango would run circles around anything out now. I would like to see it though.

    • Jesse

      The single-core processor isn’t slow by any means, actually, it’s faster than a dual-core processor in an Android device. Stop talking out of your buttholes and actually use a Windows Phone and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

    • ALBGunner04

      I can understand your desire for a different resolution, but I can’t understand why you want a dual-core. Last time I used my friend’s Samsung Focus, it ran silky smooth. Maybe it doesn’t need a dual-core… hell, Android devices without dual cores can run Gingerbread silky smooth.

    • FuzzyLogic

      Dual-core? qHD? Most people (non-geeks) don’t mind about this number game.
      The screen resolution is more than sufficient and with a 1.5GHz CPU, there is PLENTY of power to accomplish any task required by the phone.
      The current crop of 1GHz phones run silky smooth already and proved 1GHz was more than enough for WP7.

    • bob

      It doesn’t have to be dualcore. But why only 512MB ram? Why only Adreno 205? Why only 800×480?
      But with those specs it better be no more than $400.
      $300 for the Radar.

      Expect of course if they want to compete with RIM and the next Sony Xperia.

  • drankid

    I just about s**t my pants when i read 4.7″ screen.

  • GMan

    Does WP7 come with the blue screen of death too?

    • FuzzyLogic


      Severe lack of originality here troll.
      We all heard it ad nauseam.

  • cody

    Didn’t anyone hear about the 5.3″ Samsung Galaxy S Note?
    but looking at dimensions of the android 4.7″ HTC just announced only 2mm wider than the DHD and thinner at 9.9mm I don’t think they will be too big after all.

    • Adam

      You might think that, but have you ever compared an SGS Infuse to a Captivate? Really, it’s only a few millimetres difference from the 4″ to the 4.5″, but when you hold it, the infuse just feels WAY bigger. The 4.7″ is quite big, I’ve got an Evo 3D now, which is 4.3″, and while it doesn’t feel alot bigger than the captivate (mainly because it has a wider aspect ratio) a 4.7″ would be huge.

  • Peter

    WP7 stands for “wow piece of junk 7”

    • FuzzyLogic

      You’re GMan’s brother, aren’t you?
      Same IQ it seems.

  • rg

    4.7 seems awfully large, but that is one good looking phone (the titan)

  • BUSY

    512mb ???

  • Nino

    Does anyone know which carrier will carry the Titan? Please tell me, Rogers!

  • John

    Still waiting for the Titan. Why do we always have to wait till the technology is old before these products are released?

  • John

    Any news on when the Titan is coming to Canada?