Google launches YouTube Movies in Canada to compete with Netflix

Today Google is launching a service meant to directly compete with Netflix for Canadians’ media dollars. YouTube Movies, which launched earlier this year in the U.S. will allow consumers to rent movies for $3.99 or $4.99 each. Upon purchasing, they will have 30 days to start watching the movie, and 48 hours to conclude it.

But it’s an interesting move for Google, who traditionally generates most of its revenue from ads. In recent months, YouTube has partnered with several movie studios to bring free versions of older movies, most recently The Godfather, to shore up interest in YouTube as more than just a portal for cat memes.

While they bring more Hollywood titles than Netflix, they also have signed agreements with Alliance Films and Mongrel Media to bring superior Canadian-produced content to the fore. They also state that rented movies will have free extras included in the price, much like on a DVD, like cast interviews and bloopers.

And where does mobile come into this? Well, Google claims that you will be able to stream this to your Android tablet soon, likely by adding a portal in the Android Marketplace as they’ve done down south.

Will you use this service? Or is $7.99 for Netflix, even with their often-lackluster selection, more enticing to the average person?

Source: The Globe and Mail