iPhone 5 display will be less than 4-inches, report says


  • bob

    3.5 or 3.7 is too small in 2011

    • Lexcyn

      100% agree. But yet people will still buy the crap out of this phone.

    • Frankfurt

      This phone will be DOA as Jobs said about the Playbook and 7″ screens. Why? because its all the same repetitive crap they are launching.

    • Hemroid

      Oh look! The iPhone 5! Wait? Isn’t that the iPhone 1/2/3/4? Apple fails to innovate once again. iPhone #FAIL

      Looks like BlackBerry wins again.

    • Sampson

      For many Asians, they can relate to this post. Less than 4-inches sounds familiar, eh?

    • Plaz

      Why yes, I will be buying the heck out of it.

    • Yosmite

      ppl will buy this phone because Steve Jobs will be on his deathbed on stage telling people through a machine to buy it. He will also sell iPoop – his poop on a stick with an Apple logo embossed. People will buy this too

    • NomNom

      Oh look! A black horizontal line on the phone near the top. is that an antenna? I guess Apple’s brilliant engineers figured it makes sense to have it on top than bottom because people won’t be holding it there to talk? Wow Apple – what kind of engineers did you hire to figure that out NOW? LOL dumb tools.

    • P3NIS

      The optimized way to hold this phone is to hold it upside down and tilt your head to the left 45 degrees and hold it while standing on one leg. This is what Apple recommends due to their $hitty antenna engineers

    • Jerrik

      @Lexcyn: Unfortunately, you are right. There TONS of people out there that will buy an iPhone just because it has an Apple logo, no matter what the hardware looks like or what the internal specs are.

    • coxon

      that’s what she said…

  • Ken

    Big Failure of almost epic proportions to not offer a model with at least 4 inch screen.

  • Aziz

    Wow that’s certainly going to upset some people. I’m using a Samsung galaxy s 2 and its 4.3″ of real estate makes for a more enjoyable visual experience.

  • person287

    To be honest I think when you get to a 4″ screen it just becomes too large. Phones stop fitting in lots of pockets, it becomes harder to hold, it’s just not something I like. I’d much rather it stay the same, or very slightly larger, size with the ‘padding’ becoming smaller.

    • bob

      What kind of pockets do you have? A 4″ smartphone is still smaller than an average wallet. So you must not carry one either.

      Women carrying a handbag have even more room.

    • Craig

      eh? what?

      iphone 4: 115.2mm x 58.66mm x 9.3mm
      galaxy s2: 125.3mm x 66.1mm x 8.49mm
      my wallet: 108mm x 84mm x 28mm

      The galaxy s2 with a 4.27″ screen is (approximately) 1cm longer and 8mm wider than an iphone 4 with a 3.5″ screen. The galaxy s2 is also 18mm narrower than my average-sized men’s wallet. I’m not seeing much of a problem here. No need for TARDIS®-brand bigger-on-the-inside pockets.

      /my god, the super amoled plus screen on my galaxy s2 is gorgeous.

  • Slype

    If this is true, I can say that it’s probably not a good idea on their part. I have a 4″ phone and I’m anxious to get a 4.3″ or even 4.5″ (Hercules!)

    Apple needs to something pretty sweet to catch up, pass and stay ahead of Android for at least 6 months if they want to be known for being current and innovative.

  • daguy

    I still think 4″ in the sweet spot. Anything less or bigger just never feels right.

  • Plaz

    That sucks, I was hoping it would be at least 4 inches. Maybe they’ll make the iPod Touch bigger at anywhere between 4 to 5 inches. If they do, I’ll go with that. But if the iPhone 5 works on AWS, I’ll go with the phone.

  • Slype


    There will always be a market for smaller phones so maybe Apple is trying to focus in on that crowd but there is another segment that wants to use their phone for more than just a phone and calendar. Watching movies on my old 3G just seems too small when compared to the newer phones.

  • Thomas

    You whiners, there’s absolutely no problem with a 3.7″ screen. Get your heads out of your asses!

    • Joe

      Having a rough morning, are we?

    • NoMail

      A little harsh but ppl do love to complain. 3.7″ screen will sell fine and personally 3.7″ is good for me. Most people that complain about the size probably aren’t in the market for an iphone anyways.

    • Jerrik

      @Thomas: Did Steve Jobs tell you to say that? I have an idea, how about you get your head out of your a*s, sound good?

  • skullan

    Personally, I think that 3.7″ is bare minimum now, when you consider the multimedia nature of phones today.

    While the iPhone may not be the first, it certainly is the World of Warcraft of multimeda phones*. If Apple feels less than 4″ is their comfortable size, that’s cool, but expect fanboi zerging to start in defense of the smaller screen.

    Perhaps in this case, size doesn’t matter?

    *If you consider device sales, not OS sales.

  • Thai

    This explains why they were so hard up on stopping Samsung’s European launch.

  • Matt

    Size does not matter, it’s how you use it that counts… (sarcastic laugh)

  • KidCanada

    I was kinda expecting this considering how minor the upgrades are just like the 3G to the 3GS. We’ll see what happens with iPhone 6 next summer.

    • Rich

      iphone 6 = iphone 1/2/3/4/5

  • Rg

    It’s not about the size of your screen, it’s how you use it. Well, that’s what I keep telling myself.

  • thatswhatshesaid

    That looks really cool! but the screen size is definitely going to be too small to compete with rivals but i agree just because its apple people are going to buy the s**t out of this phone. on a lighter note, is it just me or is that a fingerprint reader/button on the top?!

    • Ken

      That black mark on the back at the top?? That is the port that sucks all the individuality out of a person and makes them an iSheep to follow the herd and become iNerds.

  • Andy

    Since when do people buy IPhones due to the screen size? It will sell itself regardless

    • monsterduc1000

      Agreed. People buy iPhones because it is an Apple product, not because it is innovative.

    • Gerhardt

      Stevie Jobbies will be selling the iPoop soon. His poop on a stick with apple logo embossed

  • Davesperado

    I think 4 inches is perfect. I have the galaxy S2 and its awkward at times. A friend had the incredible s and it feels perfect.
    And women may have more room in their handbag, but have smaller hands in general.

  • Trolol

    Oh look…fandroids…surprise surprise.

  • Jason V.

    Maybe Apple is not getting the display quality experience they would like to see with a 4”+ screen plus retina display in their research? I mean even the iPad 2 still does not have the retina display and it has a 9.7” display. I agree that the iPhone is getting left in the dust in terms of screen size compared to the competition. At the same time, Apple is pretty good at wowing the crowd and I have a feeling the new iPhone is going to surprise a lot of people and bring some more breakthrough tech to the industry. Lets just say i am really looking forward to their next keynote address.

    • bob

      They made a 3.5″ 960×640 display. They call it retina.
      They also made a 9.7″ 1024×768 display. They don’t call it retina even if resolution is higher, because DPI is lower. If they made a 0.1″ 100×100 display, they would call it retina even if it was useless.

      I am pretty sure that they could make a 4″ 960×640 display. Maybe they wouln’t call it retina, but it would still be much better than the old 3.5″ display.

  • Rio

    I always thought a 4′ would be nice, especially for landscape mode.

    But after going to a Bell store and holding a 4′ screen in my hand. For me personally it is too big. My thumb would not be able to reach every part of the screen.

  • Larson

    what a dolt phone.

  • Carpet

    Steve Jobs – “Introducing the new iPhone 5!!!!!!! – new screen icons, new screen that is 0.12″ bigger than iPhone 4, and we added cut and paste to the OS!”



  • Hermaphrodite

    less than 4″ will be DOA. Bye bye Crapple.

  • Bob

    WHAT!?!? REALLY!?!? What’s gonna be next!? A 5MGP CAMERA INSTEAD OF A 8!?? like seriously! It had to be a damn 4″! Now it won’t ever be able to compete ANYWHERE CLOSE to the other phones!! >:(. GOD DAMN IT!

  • jim

    I like how the i****s here think the next iphone will fail. (like the last ones) sure. They sure did have trouble selling them didn’t they. haha i****s. Androtards are too stupid to figure out that people actually do buy things because the like them. To this day there is not a smoother touch screen then the iPhone 4 even.

    • Uwe

      Ok iSheep!

    • Bob

      I never said I didn’t like iPhones, I am just disappointed, since I wanted to shut my bro’s mouth with his god damn android thinking it’s so much better! Lol!

  • Ewan

    I think I will be sticking to my BlackBerry Bold 9900. iphone5 sounds like a turd

  • Terrance

    Well, alrighty then. This looks like an epic fail for Apple. I wonder how Stevie blowJobs will tell us to hold this phone?

    Steve – “Hold the phone upside down and on a 47 degree angle for optimized antenna performance”

  • jim

    Why don’t you see posts on here from Andriod uses after 11pm? The batteries on thier phones are dead.

    • Anonymous

      because they have lives?

  • Rio

    I find it funny that when there are Articles about a flaw in Android you see Android user complaining about it.

    But then you come to an Apple Article and all of a sudden their Android is perfect.

    And we are the sheep for liking a Quality Product?

  • Rich

    I think I will stick with my BlackBerry Pearl. I like the small discrete screen

  • jigsaw

    The most concerning part for me is that they are taking away the glass back

  • Gerhardt


  • Me Ted

    Man, Apple really has hit a roadblock hasn’t it? I guess it’s only a matter of time before the iPhone becomes niche as well. History repeating itself.

  • JKL

    less than 4″ for one of the top selling phones in the world. this must be a joke, oh wait…right..we’re talking about the world famous Apple iPhone here.

    • Really?

      it all comes to an end my friend.

  • Paco

    less than 4″ is about the size of steve job’s p3nis

  • 0obaho0

    Wow… 3 pages of comments and not a single “That’s what she said”? I’m impressed

  • Ken

    Looking at the pic again, does anyone else notice that this phone is on a 3G network?…….couldn’t even put the 4g radio in it???

  • Jerrik

    Look at all the comments saying that a phone with less than a 4″ inch screen is fine. All of those comments have just proved my point. People will buy an iPhone not because of the look or performance, but because it says Apple on it, ridiculous.

    • Rio

      People by the iPhone because it is easy to use. Not everyone wants widgets, more importantly not everyone wants to spend more than 10mins setting up their phone.

  • ruddias

    IMHO I find 3.8″ enough. 4″ is good. 4.3″ is just cutting it. 4.5 is way to big. I have tiny thumbs though

  • alex

    My evo feels small compared to my girlfriends Infuse.
    I have screen envy…
    So to will Apple customers that will look at their buddies with less expensive Android phones…

  • GT

    Keyword at the beginning of the article “Rumor”. Why are people getting all excited about a unicorn?

  • tremSr

    Dell Streak!! 5 inch screen.
    I love it! Definitely weird to go down to anything less then a 4.3 inch screen. I have no problems fitting it in my pocket. I mean most people should be able to fit a 4-5 inch screened phone in their pocket unless they are wearing their girlfriends skinny jeans!

  • jim

    Keep in mind the same i****s that say the iphone 5 will fail (the other ones seem to have done pretty well. lol) are the same i****s that said the ipad was going to fail. Ya that totally was not inovative. These androtards are hilarious!

  • Geoff

    I think Apple is in a bit of a hard place right now. I’m surprised that they didn’t go for 4″, but anything over that is too big for everyone. My phone is a HTC Desire HD with a screen size of 4.3″ and I love it, but HTC can afford to make larger screens. Why? Because they have many different models. iPhone is trying to stick with the One-phone-to-rule-them-all concept and in this case it may be hurting them.

  • MARS





  • Anon

    Just wait for iPhone 6 to have 4-inch or higher. Then they will brag that they’re innovative with a bigger screen.

  • Leon

    That is a beautiful render

  • guibou

    why do you need screen that are over 4 inches tall. it’s a phone if you want a huge screen get a laptop or a tablet. and don’t forget a big screen is a battery eater

  • iPhone Apps Development

    Previously it was said that iphone 5 will have bigger screen and thinner body but now iphone 5 will come with smaller screen which is really disappointing.

  • JT

    If iPhone 5 is released with less than 4″ screen, I’ll pass. I don’t want a 3.7″ screen. 3.7″ screen is pathetic. What the heck am I gonna do with that stupid 0.2″ extra screen? I’m fine with my current IP4. Now tell me if you want a 3.7″ screen iPhone? I know the hardware IP5 may be better, but most of the features in iOS5 will be available for IP4 too and IP4 hardware is good enough to run iOS5.