Apple CEO Tim Cook: “I want you to be confident that Apple is not going to change”


  • zico

    Aaaaaand their stocks plummet…

    • nmart

      Hmmm…AAPL is down 1.21% today (as of 1:22)….is that your definition of “plummet?”

      If that is a plummet, what word would you use to describe RIM -40% over 12 months?

  • Tim Cook

    Actually, I want to reassure you that we are screwed and our innovation lacks. iPhone 5 is a repeat of iPhone 1/2/3/4 and Jobs quit becuase we ran out of ideas. Back in 2007 we felt it was cool to tap on a piece of glass, but now we ran out of ideas.

  • Harold the Barber

    Apple is dead!!

    VICTORY FOR ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • MXM4K

      Without proper competition (ie Robellus) then innovation slows to a crawl.

      Whether you like Apple products or not, without them and Android, and RIM, and WP7 all competing against each other, then we probably wouldn’t have as many features in our phones.

      You’re not forced to buy Apple products, but the fact they exist still benefits you.

    • mda

      Actually, that is not completely correct.
      All most recent iPhone products are over $600. The only thing this tells competition is not to price iPhone higher than this, so this is not helping the majority who want prices closer to the $400 mark, the iPhone is actually making it worst. Because now if a company sees that its cellphone is good enough to rival the iPhone, then it would be okay to price it at $600.

  • Yashar

    I was going to buy an iPhone for $99 on Rogers but it will be $0 soon once Apple stock takes a dive.

    Looks like I am going to the BlackBerry 9900 – a real phone.

    • Rio

      It already fell 5% yesterday and since then has start going up. lol

      Apple will easily bypass 400$/stock this year

    • nmart

      so you can text with all the other 14 year old girls?

  • Dhurr

    so the douche baggery continues

  • Me

    So the constant trolling continues

  • Peter B

    Jobs has laid out the blueprint nicely for Apple and I’m certain they’ll continue to dominate.

    Its not like they are scambling to keep the s**t a float. Jobs has been sick for years. I’m sure they’ve had a back up plan for the longest time.

    Android will continue to play second fiddle for a long time to come.

    • Jerrik

      @Peter B: Your statement here makes no sense. Android is the leading OS. Apple has 18% of the market share and Android has 43%. If you don’t believe me, “google it.”

    • Slype

      lol.. second fiddle? Do you not realize that Android has 48% market share vs iOS’ 19% market share?

      Now if you what you meant to say was Google’s profits, then yeah, Apple dominates that. I’m assuming that is what you meant because your original statement was…. well.. Just wrong.

  • GMan

    If your employees are so proud of what they do, why did your chief patent lawyer quit?

  • John Smith

    all I want from apple is syncing my Android with iTunes directly

    • GMan

      If you’re talking about your music library, go get DoubleTwist from the market.

  • brendan

    so besides being an A-Hole, just gonna say happy that apple will still be on track and making ipods and such. I still love android over iphone, but i like the best of both worlds

  • Jay

    Apple is all about marketing, not product. Steve Jobs was the best marketer of all time: you pay more for less. Now that he’s out of the picture, things are not looking good for Apple.

    • Rio


      Steve did a whole lot more than just market.

    • Jerrik

      @Rio: Dude, you’re annoying, shut up. You’re such an Apple fanboy. You are a prime example of being a victim of marketing.

    • Rio

      Tell me Jerrik, have you ever owned an Apple product?

      If not then you have no right to compare.
      I have owned an iPhone, Android, not Windows 7, OS X and Windows.

      I am not saying what Apple makes is superior to everything else. Everything has its positives and negatives. Some products fit certain people more than others. Apple products are more for the simple minded(80% of population) rather than us teches.

      If me rationally thinking and telling you what is bad and what is good about all the products makes me a fanboy then so be it but to me you seem like more of a fanboy than I am.

      Apple has revolutionized (not first to create) a number of markets and that is a fact. Not just the tech markets either, some of the Architecture Apple has come up with is amazing. Waiting for their glass ship to be built will be a beauty to see

  • HerpDerp

    “to make Apple the magical place that it is”.
    what is this ,Disneyland?

    • Colin

      I know, I couldn’t believe that they seriously used the word magical.

  • ruddias

    Too bad. I was hoping for changes.
    If it changes I might actually buy an iPhone.

  • Me Ted


    Not sure why RIM was even mentioned here.

  • Viamo

    I read “Apple CEO” and saw a guy wearing different style of cloths. Serious stuff aside, That is the first thing I noticed. Made me smile and think in my head, ‘So that is how Steve Jobs changes his cloths for work’ Never seen someone stick with a style of cloths so steadily. Cloths aside he is quite impressive. 🙂

  • Shawn

    Peter was probably referring to the quality of products

  • its time to change apple

    Apple CEO Tim Cook: “I want you to be confident
    that Apple is not going to change” so basically they won’t change with stealing Samsung and HTC technology and continue to not have innovation or creativity and have zero ideas of their own.

  • cmr


    I would like to know if you have owned an iPhone or if you are like every other Android fanboy on this site that immediately dislikes anything to do with Apple. Any comment someone posts about having or wanting an iphone gets hidden.

    @rio I agree. Apple makes a good phone for the masses. I currently have one and I love it.

    I had a Desire HD and returned it because I found that I didnt need all the ‘extra’ stuff. I just wanted a good phone with apps and battery life. The iphone 4 I got had 3X the battery life of the DHD for me.