Rogers LG Optimus 3D starts to arrive in retail locations, launch imminent


  • Kemist

    Do i see the New Torch in the background

  • JayJay

    Give the people what they want, the HTC Evo 3D!!!!


    Where’s the evo???

  • Jean-Michel

    The 3D is impressive, I have tried it and it rocks!

    All content isin’t perfectly adapted however, 3d photos aren’t that nice.

  • James Lui

    3D? Seriously? Pass. No one likes 3D, its a gimmick, and a shoddy one at that, especially because these manufacturers and carriers are charging the absolute premium for two cameras and a software change to add very limited depth perception to your tiny 4-inch phone screen.

    Stop screwing around Rogers, give the people what they want, the best Android phone currently on the market, Samsung Galaxy S II.

    • Adam

      Charging a premium? It’s $99 on a 3-year. That’s cheaper than the Captivate when it came out.

    • Cjoco

      hi James Lui
      Regardless the 3D feature in this phone, this is a very decent phone, is one of the powerful device in Rogers line-up, personally I prefer the HtC Evo 3D, is better quality made, component and software and the price is ok: 99.00.00$149.00$ for the evo, do not forget this is a launch price wait 2-3 week and best buy will dropped by 30-50$ each
      The Evo 3D is a very good phone, it is even better than the bell htc sensation, otherwise the SG II is the best phone in the market I agree
      PS: sorry for my English

    • GLim

      Can’t believe people are still complaining about the 3D being a gimmick. Welcome to 2 months ago.

  • foxbox

    Can anyone in the know speculate as to whether this means the EVO3D is likely to launch before the 15th?

    Also, does this mean that, in theory, I could walk into a Rogers store today and walk out with an Optimus, or are these held until an “official” launch?

  • nml10

    I was shown one of these in stock at the Rogers store yesterday in Abbotsford. I told them to keep it and to let me know when the EVO is available 🙂

  • GMan

    Has anyone actually used one of these 3D phones? Is it even worth it?

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