Rogers Nokia X7 now available online, comes with Symbian Anna


  • XER

    Looking forward to a Windows 7.1 phone later this year. Not too bad for $300 but it’s just Symbian that make things difficult.

  • mda

    Not too bad. But will it be upgraded to Meego?

  • Max

    It is pretty good price for a brand new phone with this kind of specification. I think Nokia is trying to clear their warehouse for the upcoming WP Mango phones!

  • Len

    I love this hardware.. I really wish it came in Android.

    • Gab

      the actual ram and cpu stuff are kind of poor…

  • Enzo

    looks nice but symbian is ancient

  • David Evans

    I want that phone to upgrade my ExpressMusic 5800 however I don’t want to change my plan.

    I think that it’s total bs that my 5800 isn’t viewed as a smartphone yet the X7 is, even though they were both designed for the same market.

    Curse you Rogers

  • Downhill Dude

    Nokia is still around? Who knew?!?

    • chris2

      Yea, Apple just recently passed them in global sales. Nokia is now #2.


    the resolution sucks

  • Stu

    Has it been confirmed that the Nokia Sea Ray (N9) running mango will be available in Canada?

    I haven’t seen anything but I really would like it to be my next phone!

    • David Evans

      Not yet, however, if it does come to Canada, Rogers will probably have it. Rogers carries the largest selection of Nokia phones.

  • Sunny

    Physically attractive but with Symbian, no way.

  • WTF

    What’s going on with Anna update for other devices?
    Delays. delays, delays. Nokia is sleeping!

    • Saffant

      They’re the new RIM. jk

  • Marc

    The build quality is pretty good, but the fixed focus camera is a turn off for me

  • joe

    Too little too late, I’m afraid.

  • catherine

    after the nokia X7 the nokia will come with android this is the last “symbian” phone … YEah!!