$7 million iPad 2 comes with “sections of a 65 million year old T-REX Dinosaur’s thigh bone”


  • Grahamf

    What a waste of Ammolite.

  • shoo

    Trex bone should be in a museum, not ground up and stuck on an ipad… this is ridiculous.

  • shoo

    …Oh, and it looks ugly.

  • astudent

    Was this made by Ingen?

  • Richard Richardson

    Sorry guys, I already bought both…

  • Iamyou

    I already pre-ordered one of this. Cant wait to jailbreak it and send in in an envelope to Steve Jobs.

  • steven schwartz

    Anyone who buys this should be taken out to the wood shed and put down like Old Yeller!

  • skullan

    Criminal, in my opinion.

  • KidCanada

    I still don’t understand why they keep making these super expensive iPads, especially with this rare t-rex bone. And I wonder who in the right mind would spend this much on this iPad 2. A waste imo…

  • SomeGuy

    Who, in their right mind, would want an iPad?!? D:

  • brendan

    just bought this and happy wit –
    crap, the battery’s dead…

  • God Help US!

    Perfect example of why this world has starving children, war torn countries, and little morals!

  • JK

    “Only 2 of these will be made.”
    that’s a relief to hear.

  • brian

    LMFAO LOL thats all I got to say, doesn’t deserve a comment

  • rg

    I could think of a few better things to spend $7 million on.

  • john

    If anyone actually buys this they need to be killed.

  • scott

    I will give anyone $7 million to smash all, I mean every single IPAD and IPHONE and all apple products in a million pieces and never again use apple product ever again.

  • @GrumpyButtFunny

    Very cool! I would never even if I di have the money but very cool!

  • A Whale

    Dang, their goes another rare artifact to stupid human greed >:(

  • lee

    i wanna throw up

  • eebin

    apple is such a novilty product, and this is a prime example of why.

  • tomg666

    To be honest, if someone would actually be willing to buy this monstrosity, I would want to be the guy that gets the commsission off of it. If people are going to be stupid enough to buy something like this, I want to get some of that money. I’d try to upsell them.

  • Jay

    This is the most disgusting display of ignorance I’ve ever seen. Jobs should be ashamed. Really? T-Rex bone? That improves an iPad in what way? Friggin hell, the person who buys this POS should be shot. How about you give 7 million to a worthy cause and buy a regular iPad like everyone else?

  • Jeff

    That’s 2 too many.