Update: Virgin opens flagship Halifax store, celebrates by giving $100 off smartphones


  • Jon

    I believe its Montreal that has a flagship store, not Quebec.

    • Bob Dole

      Yes, they made a mistake because Montreal is clearly not in Quebec.

  • Kemist

    even Still Sweet Deal

  • Dern

    I wonder if Bell out here in Alberta will price match???

    • drizzo613

      Price match? What are you going to tell them?
      “Well…I can go just accross the country and get the same phone for $100 less, so make me a deal”

      LMAO what a moron

    • Dern

      Gee considering I have family out East that could easily pick one up, why does it hurt to ask?…douche

  • Claudiu Corbea

    Too bad they removed the 35$ and 45$ plans which included Caller ID. They give you free long distance, but you end up paying more for unlimited text, CID.

  • Brayden

    They haven’t removed the 45 or 35. It’s just only avilable on a phone with an SRP of 350 or less.

  • Josh


  • Rob

    Mic Mac Mall is in Dartmouth not Halifax…

  • Bob Angus

    Attn Bob Dole.July 21/2012 Comment
    Clarification: Montreal is indeed in Quebec but not in Quebec CITY.