Samsung “Mob!lers” contest back on, 16 Canadians will get a free Galaxy Tab 10.1


  • Michael

    Sounds cool… mine!

  • EmperumanV

    I think I should send a video of myself. Time to find the tripod.

  • Hilman

    Where is the Edmonton region (or Ottawa)? I’ll forgive you if you give me a Samsung GT 10.1 😉

  • J

    And what about the rest of canada?

  • Overkill

    They pass by Ottawa again.

  • aviking

    What a completely lame contest.

    So I guess the rest of us peasants can piss of then?

    Samsung the fact that you have limited yourself with the Galaxy S II distribution to one carrier and seem to think that Canada is measured by 4 cities you can take your phone and lame contest and shove it. I will buy an HTC ….If robbers ever gets a decent one.