ScoreMobile app now available for the BlackBerry PlayBook


  • BBuser

    Are people still actually using this thing?

  • Lou

    I have a Playbook, and loves it. It just feels a lot more solid/portable than the 10 inch tablets. and the UI works wonderfully

    • Jim Flicker

      People who don’t have a PlayBook are missing out. They will never know.
      I have one … and LOVE it !!!

  • DigitalMann

    No CFL coverage on the PB version of the app? Whats that all about?

    Good job on the app otherwise

  • Hilman

    I’m suprised they made this app for the 8 people with PB’s ;). Speaking of portability, mine fits in my pocket, has a sweet UI and a 4.3″ screen, its called a HTC Desire HD smartphone lol.

    • Sighmonsez

      Last time I checked, Playbook has a bigger screen and still fit into pockets. If you prefer smaller viewing area, more power to you.

  • Alex Perrier

    The BlackBerry PlayBook commercial with the upbeat song (NOT the one that sounds like “Flash! Aah!” over and over again) is a very good song to dance to! 😀

    • Jim Flicker

      Yes, sung by the Pretenders ….. Brass in Pocket

  • Chris

    I downloaded this app and it’s very well-designed. The video, navigation, score updates are very fluid.

    If you own an ipad2 do NOT try out the playbook. I’ve heard from other users that the ipad2 gets left at home, unused.

  • Mike

    Love my PB, multitasks and I don’t need 300,000 apps of which a lot are just kiddie apps. But I’m a CFL junkie and I go directly to the TSN site, no app needed, to catch highlights etc. for the CFL or any league.