Nokia C3 finds a home at Petro-Canada


  • Alex Perrier

    They call it “Paie-Trop-Canada” (Pay Too Much Canada) in French… 😀

    That C3 almost always costs less with the Chatr route. SIM cards could be swapped to a certain network from a narrow choice.

    If they want to be a serious MVNO in light of PC Mobile, 7-Eleven and others, they ought to get truly unlimited talk, text and Internet.

  • Brandon

    They should lower their mobile rates as they raise their gas rates.

  • sdklgjas

    petro canada mobile? loooool since when?

  • Raiph

    Ripoff, Chatr has it for much cheaper with better plans and dedicated Canadian customer service

  • Chris

    Finally they have what looks to be a decent texting phone. Long overdue. I was with them for over two and a half years and the service served my needs well but then when I started to text more, the number pad just didn’t cut it. I went with Petro-Canada instead of 7-11 Speakout Wireless at the time because the nearest 7-11 was like 10+ miles and I didn’t feel like driving to a 7-11 every time I wanted to top-up. A $25 top-up lasted 120 days and that was a pretty good deal. But I think you can top-up online with 7-11 Speakout now and their top-ups last 365 days. 7-11 also has the Nokia C3. Making Petro Canada Mobility irrelevant.