PC Mobile comes out with 3 “Unlimited” plans (make sure you read the fine print)


  • Vansfield

    Buy a PC sim card, you can put it in any Bell smartphone!

  • Will Lam

    Quite deceptive and insults our intelligence.

  • Big 3

    Even Fido’s $25 plan is better than that since they now have Circle Calling

    • Len

      Atleast with Wind/Mobolicity, they are only availble to a minority living in the largest cities. Most of us are stuck getting ravaged with out lube. This plan is pretty much on par with all the big 3 methods of taking our money and giving as little as possible for it.

  • Alex Perrier

    What’s the point? Why not go with Chatr/Solo/Koodo/Fido/Mobilicity instead? i’ll mention Wind too, although they are not 100% Canadian.

    Why pay $25 or $35 a month for a cell phone plan without unlimited local calling? There’s no reason! As this article states, PC Mobile’s phones are not really good.

    Bad phone. Bad plan. Bad price.

    • cheenachatze

      What’s this crap about Wind not being 100% Canadian? Is any of your phones made in Canada? Is your Mazda made in Canada? Are the bananas in your supermarket grown in Canada? What the hell does it matter who owns Wind or Rogers or anyone else? It’s a global market, enjoy the competition (and unlimited worldwide texting offered by Wind).

  • hauer

    They used to be the best prepaid out there, but this is just crap…

    They used to have unlimited data (proxies) for $7, but now reduced to 100mb & $10. I think their anytime rate went up from 20 cents to 25 cents…

  • Botush

    Why should I buy this PC mobile prepaid garbage for $15+, when I can buy true Unlimited province-wide calling for $15/month from Public Mobile?

  • Radar

    Comparing this with the new Wind Mobile plans introduced last week is making me laugh!

  • George

    Ahahahahahahah is this a joke or something, at least robelus let’s you know your screwed. This is just an insult to people’s intelegence.

    • Highdefiniasian

      “This is just an insult to people’s intelegence.”
      … Seriously? “intelegence”? When you’re trying to make a point about this company insulting your intelligence?

  • ray

    you can use pc points to buy cards thats you people use there phones i did for a while but turned out to be a hassle

  • Jim H.

    For those in Quebec this is actually not too bad an option (remember that we only have Videotron as a new GSM-based entrant) if you factor in that Caller-ID and Voicemail are already included.

  • Nagamasa


  • Dave

    PC Mobile and Public Mobile both are joke.


    what company should i go to i have the 35plans at pc, sounds like i really screwed up. HELP ME PLEASE