iPhone prototype for T-Mobile USA pics surface (compatible with WIND, Mobilicity and Videotron)


  • Dale

    by the time this arrives there will be much better/powerful phones on the market. Android FTW!

    • Sean

      And by the time that new android phonw will come out there will be another better one a week away. They obviously won’t sell it as an iPhone 4 they would sell it as an iPhone 5 when the iPhone 5 is announced

  • chall2k5

    well….atleast this might stop those people who ask 60 bazillion times in a day “Does the eyePhone work on Wind?”

    • bummy

      Unfortunately, you’ll have to explain to everyone of those people how SOME iPhones work, and SOME iPhones does not work.

  • Cody

    I use my HTC as my phone, and my iPhone as my iPod/game player and nothing more.

  • A. Carmine

    Looking forward to this, a phone that works.

  • urbanelitist

    I don’t want this on Wind or Mobilicity. These devices are data hogs and will just increase data costs and will not allow successful usability…see at&t. When I was in NYC for 2 years (Pharmacy-go REDS) you missed so many calls. I couldn’t use my iPhone due to the congestion. WIND and Mobilicity will drastically have to create more space (meaning not expand outwards) on their networks. Its a few months for them to really get ready if this lands. Will they be ready to spend their reserves this quickly?

  • jorge

    I use the g2 and I’m just making an assumption that the iphone won’t be as popular since tmobile customers are used to android. But I would like to see how it stacks up against android.

    • A

      Actually you would be surprised how many iPhones are on T-Mobiles network, they just function in 2G when not on Wi-Fi.

  • tj

    Wow, now all the Apple iSheep will jump ship from ROgers and their data caps to Wind/Mobi. There goes the NETWORK!

    But in a positive side, more subscribers means more towers/better coverage!!!! YAY!

    • Android sucks

      Buddy Apple isheep at least have a virus free, non plastic, updated os, battery life, and a decent music player! I have owned two Android phones.. Garbage. Open platform is a joke! Makes kids feel like hackers. Apple isn’t perfect or cheap but they back there product. Have you ever had to deal with samsung or motorola. Good luck!

    • JFrosty

      The biggest viruses on Apple products are the users themselves.

  • Claudiu

    The smart thing for Apple would be to make the next iPhone Pentaband 3G, that would eliminate all this compatibility nonsense. Nokia can do it, so it is not technically impossible.

    • Mike

      Well, technically the iPhone 4 is already penta-band 3G (800,850,900,1900,2100). Looks like this will make it Hexa-band.

    • Jim R

      There will only be an iPhone with bands II, V, and IV if AT&T wants there to be. Any AT&T won’t want there to be until it completes its take-over of T-Mobile. So, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting on an iPhone that can run on both the big 3 and Wind/Mobilicity.

    • pasuljko

      @mike: iPhone is only 3-band 3G, not penta-band.

    • A

      Actually ATT has publicly announced that they will be offering T-Mobile customers their current iPhone product and they will be gradually moving all the T-Mobile HSPA customers to their 1900 (PCS) network and utilizing all the combined AWS spectrum for LTE . Should really throw a wrinkle in the Canadian AWS players future handset selection since the only HSPA spectrum they have is AWS and no carrier in the US will be supporting HSPA at the AWS band.

  • blackberryhomeboy

    all the fan boys of wind are gonna s**t themselves in anticipation.

  • Ebonwumon

    The iPhone users will get to feel like they’re on AT&T, that is, dropping calls constantly.

  • Reggie Noble

    The only issue is the pricing of these phones. Both Wind and Mobi have no contracts, so the retail price of the iPhone will be $700+. Even with the Tab system, it will still cost a lot.

    • DaveMTL

      Adding the iPhone 4 or 5 to the new networks will greatly help competition. In know that Videotron has deep enough pockets and a mess of other products which would allow them to discount the iPhone quite a bit. Bring it on!

  • merc

    @Mark, there is no 800mhz 3g band for iphone4, its only HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100. with addition of 1700 band it will become penta band phone similar to current nokia n8, c7, c6 phones

    • zorxd

      The so-called “800 MHz” UMTS band (also called band 6) is in fact a subset of the 850 MHz band (band 5). So in theory every 850 MHz UMTS phone is also a 800 MHz UMTS phone, but the opposite isn’t true.

    • A

      the 800 Mhz band and the 850 Mhz band is the same thing… they just changed the naming convention depending on whether your talking GSM or CDMA…

  • rockyjhonny

    I guess now the new question is…When is the new iphone coming out for WIND!!! LOL

  • koko

    Bye bye Rogers!

  • Rookie


  • Big 3

    i hope iphone 5 is only compatible with the new entrants. that should really stir competition with big 3

    • Spiker Rosered

      “i hope iphone 5 is only compatible with the new entrants. that should really stir competition with big 3”

      Great idea too bad itll never happen because

      Apple loves money don’t fool yourself if its on everything the sheep will consistently throw there money at people.

  • Sid

    Well the rumor is that the next iphone will support both GSM and CDMA in one model. Since Apple espouses simplicity, it’s almost a certainty rather than speculation.

    The chip that supports both technologies also has support AWS.
    That would mean the hardware is there to run on AWS, it’s then up to Apple to decide if they want their software to recognize and use that frequency.

  • Mark

    @android sucks htc crap doesn’t define all other manufacturers. The galaxy s from samsung gives far superior sound for music compared iPhone. Even my 3 yr old Nokia 5310 dumbphone has better music through headphones and without compared to the iPhone.

    Use a device before spewing your childish nonsense.

  • XER

    Wow.. If the iPhone 5 is going to work on the newbies, I can see there will be a big drop in data pricing across the country! Those that are in zone will be calling the big 3 to leave and customer retention has no choice but to offer more generous pricing than $25 for 500 MB!

  • seller

    @XER lol yeah or.. mobilicity/wind charges you more for data because they have the ‘Iphone’ now.. dont be foolish, business’ are around to make money and corporate greed exists.. plus these guys gotta start makin some money soon haha

  • billy

    Since Wind or Mobi do not subsidize their phones and Telus has a no contract price of over $700 for the iphone, you can expect Wind or Mobi to sell the iphone for over $700.

    I think you would be crazy to spend more than $400 on any phone.

  • Mr.Reg

    AHHH YEAH PEEPS! This should be great on WIND And Mobi!


  • Nadim

    Should be good for Wind and Mobi it will defined make the big 3 more competitive as the iPhone is their $$ maker.

    You can get the best deal with Wind and Mobi so hopefully it comes soon.

  • user

    Wow, iPhone’s reception + Wind’s weak network = sky high drop call rate. Good luck with that.


    This is a bad news for the big 3

    • RoccoStiffReddi

      how wrong you are private wong. make it mine.. quashed and jabronied! do not forget outsourced.

  • Reggie Noble

    I love how every Android and Apple topic turn into a fanboy war. A lot of you sound like losers. Like the phone that you like and stfu.

  • John

    Overpriced, over-hyped, I would not even look at it.

  • Bobby

    it has been reported thats fake.. someone using make it mine pulled a fast one. what a way to tease that little guys!

  • JP22

    i’m not a fan of apple or the iphone, but this is pretty big. It’ll have spillover effects across the market. I don’t think the $600-700 price point will hurt when you consider the massive savings – but ppl are myopic and irrational. The biggest concern would be the network. I don’t know if the networks can handle too many unlimited plans. A hard cap of 5GB/month would seem reasonable to me for $45 all inclusive. It’s fair and better represents reality.

  • me

    apple is pentaband 3G however they addin the band for China not the North American AWS

  • RyanLee

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