Green P app for iPhone now available for download

The downtown Toronto core used to be filled with open parking lots but now they’ve been turned into massive condo complexes or office buildings. The parking lots went underground and the only way to find them it to keep your eye open for the “Green P” parking sign. However, if you have an iPhone (iPad or iPod Touch) you can download the official Green P parking app and instantly find the closest parking lot.

The Green P app was recently released and gives you the ability to search by location via GPS, destination and price points. In addition, there is a timer that you can set and sends you a notification based on the expiration time (including walking distance to your vehicle).

The app is free and the Toronto Parking Authority makes a point that “using a handheld device while driving is illegal in Ontario and unsafe. Drivers are encouraged to pull over to the side of the road before using the app, or have a passenger do the navigating.”

Get it here via iTunes