Virgin will now unlock your phone for $75


  • Mike

    Alright, before reading the article I thought obviously any phone is way cheaper and sometimes free to unlock. The only thing that might be worth $75 to unlock is an iPhone. Seeing that the iPhone cannot be unlocked, this is just a major fail.

    Who in their right mind when spend $75 to unlock a BB or some other phone that can probably be done for a few dollars, if that?

  • Jama

    News flash you can get it unlocked for $10…do a google search. $75 what a joke…LOL

  • chall2k5

    wow! another ridiculously high fee Thanks BCE


      I know it’s expensive, but at least it’s a step in the right direction. Maybe one day it will be a lot cheaper or something.

  • XER

    The part “not sure why they’d want to” is the exact reason why I’d want to!

  • JSmith

    First off..exactly $75 whatta rip off..secondly iphone users no dice..third..and lastly Virgin you everthing Ive talked to yer technicians and support before, they dont know a hole in the ground from their asses..maybe concentrate on less ‘lingo’ and focus on training!

  • Matt Polkiewicz

    This is pathetic. The only thing that would be worth $75 to unlock is an iPhone. Everything else can be done for under $10 on eBay. I unlocked my Bold 9700 for $1 lmao.

  • Wayne

    If you own a BlackBerry, there are sites that unlock for free. No strings, no catch, no spam email afterwords.

    Any fee to unlock your cell phone after payment has been made in full is non-sense.

  • Sid

    Gotta say, Canadian carriers have perfected the art of crippling your phone, then charging you ridiculous fees for them to restore it; carrier locking, caller id, text messages, bluetooth etc.

  • Nick

    Strange, I thought Virgin wasn’t so bad. This almost sounds like something Bell would do.

    *pause for effect*

  • cheenachatze

    Wind unlocks your phone for free after 3 months of service. Why would anyone choose Virgin over Wind to begin with?

  • JSmith

    *cough*assholes*cough* Maybe I’m getting sick..

  • Max

    Hey guys, It is “VIRGIN” mobile. 1st time is always remarkable!

  • Brian

    Even Koodo unlocks your phone for free after three months. Thx but no thx Virgin.

    • Jim R

      @Brian – do you have a link to the Koodo website that discusses free unlocking after 3 months? I can’t find anything like that.

  • nuclearbroccoli

    Typical. Another ridiculous fee for something so simple…
    When are people going to learn to stop signing with the Big 3 and just go with Mobilicity or Wind?

  • easypeezy

    you’re kidding? Step in the right direction my a$$ I paid an exorbitant amount every month while initially paying a fee for my phone. I should own the phone and therefore get it unlocked for free. When I’m done my contract you’ve made the cose of the phone back how many times over.

  • duuuh

    What a load of bull. honestly, when are people going to realize that the big three and all their subcompanies are a complete rip off!? stop signing contracts with them, you morons! The government of canada is complete bulls*** too; if I own the phone, i should be alowed to use wherever and however I so desire. There should be a law preventing companies from locking a phone to their service! unfortunatley, since our government, like those cell companies, is complete garbage, they will never make a such law cause the companies bribe them with money (even though nor the government or the companies will ever admit to it) to make everything work in the companies favour. Imagine if BestBuy of FutureShop made is so that the only website you could visit on a computer you purchased there was the stores own website? it would be utterly stupid, right? and that is exactly what the cell phone companies do. complete and utter rubbish. Unfortunately, Wind and mobilicity only work in big cities, so us poor people from nanaimo arent eligible for their Unlimited plans. The other problem with those, and other such companies, is that their selection of phones is garbage, thus, people stick with one of the three ripoff specialists (in other words, they stick with Rogers, Telus and Bell)

  • Louis

    Hi everyone,

    I have an iPhone 4 with VM. Do you know a way to unlock it? Does anyone succeed to unlock it with the Virgin Customer service?

    Thanks for your help!


  • Chris

    Virgin Mobile in Canada does not currently unlock iphones. This was their response to me:
    “hey there christine – we don’t unlock iPhones at the moment, but we’re working on being able to in the future. :)”

  • Jessica

    I’m going on vacation soon, and I was hoping to unlock the phone so I could use it as usual with a local carrier and as in doing so avoiding the extortionate data and roaming rates. If VM doesn’t unlock iphones in the not to distant future, does anyone know if it’s possible to get it unlocked by a carrier in Europe, or it it the same tripe that the only one who can unlock the phone is the carrier who it is locked to?.
    Just a thought, isn’t it now law for the carrier to unlock the phones, or am I in a land of make believe where the trees are lolipops and the clouds are cotton candy?

  • Sadsaba

    I had to move to the US for a new job and so paid out the full cost of the iPhone 4 (actually WAY more than the cost of the phone) to get out of SuperTab.

    As Virgin said they’d be able to unlock my iphone shortly, I kept my tab with them until 4 months after I actually had to leave… so I ended up paying the full cost of the and an additional 4*$55/month for their servie and STILL THEY WILL NOT UNLOCK My phone. They say: they cannot unlock the iphone 4…

    Apple says the carriers have to unlock it (as they DO ALL OVER THE WORLD) and even Apple Canada will point to back to Virgin Mobile..and YET Virgin Mobile will not unlock it.

    They claim “they do not have the infrastructure to unlock the iPhone 4”.


    Now I have a $800 iPhone that is one expensive iPod Touch.
    The evil and corrupt carriers of Canada really ought to be taken to court by the people.

    I wrote to them and the consumer columnist at The Globe and they ALL claim that iphone 4 cannot be unlocked. Really? Why then did you all not say this when I was signing up and I would have just bought the phone from down the road from Apple directly.. as an unlocked phone

    Canada is headed to a dark place and it is due to evil and incompetent practices like this.

  • Abhay

    Unlocking Iphone is a carrier thing. If the carrier wants to unlock, I can do it. But in US and Canada, most carriers don’t do it. What rages me is that they don’t do it even after the contract is over (means the carrier has already recovered the subsidized amount). In supertab plans, they should be giving unlocked phones in the first place as the phone’s price is in in supertab.

    When I raised this issue in different forums, the common answers I got is “Bear with it. that’s the law. Why did you go for an Iphone knowing that you won’t get unlocked even after completing the contract? and blah blah…”

    Is there no consumers’ rights group in Canada which can initiate any class action suit against these carriers?? After all it’s a blatant violation of consumers’ rights when the carriers force people to render their Iphones (or any other phone for that matter) into a mere paperweight even after paying full price for the phone, or completing the contract…

    Hope somebody rises against this rip-off and drowns these capitalist, autocratic, greedy mobile operators…

  • Toto23

    Virgin is still not offering the unlock ? even koodo does it now.
    Virgin mobile is a failure, thanks Bell, you are so disappointing
    Because of this lame situation, I wish you bad business and suggest other clients to move to another carrier

  • Nicola

    My husband and I have just moved to Australia. We knew that moving here might be a possibility so we signed up to phone contracts that we could get out of if we wanted. Super Tab sounded perfect. We gave Virgin 30 days notice to cancel our contract and asked for our iphones to be unlocked. We were very surprised to hear that they couldn’t unlock them when that was the part of the sales pitch that made us choose them (we needed flexibility). We use to live in the UK (two years ago)and unlocking was common-place there. We are furious about this. We have told Virgin that once they unlock our iphones for us, we’ll pay our final bill ($1200). We’re not holding our breath.

    • Kelly t

      Hey Nicola,
      I am in the same boat, but paid the $75 for them to unlock (as per the reps instruction), only to be told afterwards they couldn’t do it. They still deducted the $75 from my account though. This was on december 26 and it is still locked! I spent 4 hrs on the phone to various reps today, and have had the complete run around. I am getting fed up making the OS calls to them to try and get the service that i have already paid for. Naturally, I am not super keen to pay my final bill. What was the end result with your situation?

  • Alecsandra Stoyanova

    I have a voice recording that says otherwise… They want an additional $200 because you’re breaking the data contact!!!