Fido Nexus S priced at $500 outright and $100 on 3-year


  • Landon

    Jeeze, look at all this pricing info come out now.

  • Justin

    Is this unlocked? If so, why would anyone pay 550 for the NS from Telus when they can just get it for 500 from Fido?

    • Kevin

      Because apparently Telus is releasing the Nexus S tomorrow (April 7th) whereas it looks like Fido and Rogers will begin selling theirs on April 12th. It’s just a matter of how badly you want the Nexus S. Can you wait 5 days?

    • Kevin

      Just to add: I’ve already waited 4 months. I think I can wait 5 more days to save $50. =)

    • Justin

      I already have a phone, so I won’t be waiting for the NS either way, just curious in regards to the different prices.

    • jak

      true true. i’m with telus right now and found their prices ridiculous. i hope fido sells it to non fido customers too 😀

  • jbarns

    Is Bell not participating in the Nexus S?

    • James

      From my experience, Bell is trying their best to keep quiet on this phone. I’ve been to the Bell store twice now and the guy working there did nothing but push for the Atrix.

      I’m sure the sale price will be in line with what we’ve seen today from everyone else.

  • maotouc

    I am not quite understand about “outright”, does it mean “unlocked” (that can be used in other carrier)? This is all I care about.

    • Mr biology

      It should be unlocked and $500 outright is what you pay without signing any contract.

  • Cadet


    fido finally gets a treat! other than the acer liquid!!

    • joe_blow

      Fido won’t get the phone. Rogers will make sure of that. Rogers will never get a recent android phone.

  • Rookie

    Google Nexus has always refued for carrier locks..

  • gamebird

    The rogers 3 yrs price for Voice&Data is $349.99, so does it mean if not a new activation, using the HUP you could not get the $99.99, but could only get it for $349.99?

  • DumbScreenName

    Fido’s call centre is going to busy over the next few days…!

  • WhatIsMonthToMonth

    All of these price lists have a $50 discount for something called “month to month” that is distinct from outright purchase and from contracts.

    What is it? Is it for people who are subscribers to a carrier but not looking for any contract extensions?

    • Mike

      Thats exactly what it is. If you’re on a current plan or going to sign up on a plan with MTM pricing.

  • CaptainZangetsu


    • Mike

      Wait, you want or don’t want Super-AMOLED?

  • Nick

    Koodo is going to be $425 outright. If you use the Tab it will be $275. This is now posted internally for Koodo employees to see.

    • Gen

      any release day for koodo ?

  • Yeyeye

    Disagree with the last sentence tho the best handset in their lineup is iPhone 4

    • dhar

      Looks like we have a comedian on the site!

  • MattO

    I just called Fido to try to renew my contract and the rep I spoke to still had no idea about this phone…when will I be able to officially order it?

  • Evan

    Fido is releasing tomorrow (April 7th). I just got off the phone with Future Shop and confirmed.

    • Evan

      UPDATE – Decided to call FS Ancaster before driving out to pickup my phone(just in case) and glad I did. Salesperson said they didn’t get any in stock this morning for Fido/Rogers and now they are expecting them on Tuesday 12th. Even he admitted this is the most unorganized release he’s ever seen.

    • George

      Rogers store didn’t have it in QC either.

  • Jay

    The previous Nexus S post here on MobileSyrup clearly states the device has an AMOLED display.

  • Just-In

    Like Nick said, Koodo full retail price will be 425$. It’s the cheapest price for the Nexus S for now!

  • shark

    its funny how different future shop rep confirm different date lol i just called downtown montreal fs the girl said they dont know but she confirmed not tomorrow LOL

  • MattO


    Which FS location did you call? I just called both the North York one and the downtown (near Eaton Centre) one, the North York one said they still hadn’t received information from their distribution centre regarding it (whereas they normally would receive notification from the distribution centre a day or so in advance), and the downtown one said the last he heard was the 15th..?

    • Evan

      It was the Ancaster location I called. I’m still doubtful it will be ready for tomorrow as there are just so many dates given out but I’m crossing my fingers. One thing is for sure, I’m calling again before I leave to pick it up. Not wasting gas driving out for nothing.
      This has got to be the most unorganized product launch I have ever seen.

    • Evan

      @MattO – UPDATE
      Sure enough, I called FS Ancaster again and the salesperson said they didn’t get them in stock today. He’s expecting them on Tuesday 12th now. We’ll see *sigh*

    • MattO


      That sucks man…I guess the 7th was just the date FS/BB would show pricing on their websites?

  • Tim

    Finally Fido has an alternative to the iphone! Boy we’ve waited.

  • Plav

    If you sign up for the 3 years with Rogers they will give you a $100 credit on your bill so the phone is free.

  • Michael

    About the Guy wanting to save $50 for waiting 5 days: Mobi is selling theirs tomorrow… and u can save that $50 (to put it on WIND of course).

  • George

    Will Koodoo version be compatible with Rogers network? Do I need an account to buy the Rogers device or Koodo device? I don’t want to be forced to sign up and pay activation fees either way.

  • maizein

    Should I sell my Captivate and get one of those?

  • Bri

    if I get this phone from Wind/Pub/Mob, will I be able to use it with Rogers?

    • Andy

      Bri, no it would not work because Mobi/Wind have a different radio frequency then Robellus so there are two variations of the nexus s one for Mobi/Wind and one for Robellus and one wouldnt work on the other. Also Public uses CDMA tech which basically means they wont carry the nexus s at all..unless they get the sprint variant? but thats highly unlikley i would think

  • CaptainZangetsu

    Nope, my friends got WIND phone to work on rogers and fido because its backwards compatable to GSM Network

  • Mike Veltri

    I’ve been to 3 BB and phoned multiple Fido stores in BC and nobody has this yet maybe its a back east thing.

  • EM

    Mobilicity received and made phones available for sale today, however they are having problem to make them work on their network. They are working on it at the moment and that means people have to wait to get their phone. ;(

  • Justin

    $500 for a LOCKED phone to a carrier? They must be out of their mind!!! I am waiting on VANILLA Nexus S!!!

    • Maobowski

      All Google phones come unlocked, even if you buy them from a wireless carrier. That’s one of Google’s stipulations.

  • Naresh

    Wind launched NEXUS S here in calgary for $525 price.
    $525-$150(Wind Tab) – $25(port credit) = $350
    Looks like Robelus will be take over by wind.
    Just now ported my number from Fido on $35 unlimited miracle plan.
    Signal is not bad compared to 6 months before and more over if
    I am paying half of the my existing monthly bill for unlimited plan.

  • fei

    My contract ends in 1 month, I told fido off about their lousy phones and lackluster retention plans then he spouts this off

    Nexus S (3 Yrs) (more than enough fido dollars)
    200 Daytime
    1000 Evenings
    2500 Texts (+$5)
    Call Display/Voicemail/Whocalled
    6 GB Data
    $7 Credit
    Total: $53+HST= 59.89

  • mtc

    any words now? they are supposed to come today.