Video: HP shows off a ‘Connected Watch’ concept called ‘Meta Watch’

Remember last year when HP CTO Phil McKinney has blacked out 3 mysterious devices. They were a tablet, a new smartphone and a wristwatch. Well, McKinney was speaking at HP’s Future of Innovation event and revealed a concept watch called ‘Metal Watch’ that integrates all info from sorts of devices into this watch:

“Printers, notebooks, desktops and mobile devices. How are all these devices going to work together. In our case one of the areas that we are keenly focused on is what is going to be the aggregation point of these connected devices? I guess it was back in 2007 when I was here in Shanghai I revealed some concept models as to what we refer to as the ‘Connected Watch’. The concept was that the watch would become the aggregation point of connectivity. The point that brings all the devices together rather than having each device operate independently… What I’m about to show you here is the first time that we’re actually going to show off the ‘Connected Watch’. So this is a watch concept that’s actually called ‘Meta Watch’ and it’s developed by Fossil… so this watch is the first generation as to what we’re doing as an investigation into this concept of not only the devices you carry in your pocket but the devices you wear. In this case this device runs a full software that fully integrates with the internet, allows you to carry it with you all the time… and allows you to connect it, share it, bring it together but again acts as the integration point for all of the family of devices that you carry with you.”

webOS might be coming to a watch in the future… check out the video around the 24 minute mark.

Update: We were sent an email from the PR company that represents HP that stated the watch is actually called “MetaWatch (not Metal watch) and it’s a concept that was developed by Fossil as part of a co-innovation agreement with HP.”

Via: PreCentral