Microsoft says multi-tasking, IE9 & Twitter integration coming to Windows Phone in 2011


  • Rookie

    Android has multitasking from day 1 … Way to Microsoft 2011.. You will be dead …

    • TheCyberKnight

      Lame. If you knew what you were talking about, you would know that multi-tasking is there in the OS. The 3rd party API is not exposing it yet.

    • zorxd

      So what? Who cares about features hidden in the OS and that nobody can use?
      It’s like having a car with a 500hp engine but only 50hp “exposed” and usable by the drive. Nothing to brag about.

    • EC

      Yeah the iphone had no multitasking, mms, copy and paste, they sure died out real fast.

  • Keith

    Wow! The WP7 and Xbox Kinect integation is going to be awesome. Hurry up and make it so.

  • TheCyberKnight

    The GPU accelerated IE9 is the most impressive demo shown today. It will likely be the fastest mobile browser.

    • zorxd

      That remains to be seen. Look at benchmarks on anandtech. Mobile IE is currently by far the slowest browser. Even low-end Android 2.2 devices are faster than WP7 in browsing.

    • TheCyberKnight

      This bench relies mostly on Javascript performance and has nothing to do with day-to-day operations like scrolling and zooming.
      If you used WP7 instead of reading web site reports, you would know that the browsing experience is as fast as the fastest mobile browsers. The scrolling and zooming is in fact faster than the iPhone 4 most of the time.
      The javascript results cannot be good since the HTML rendering core is based on an hybrid IE7/IE8 engine.

      This will be another story with the IE9 core which, by the way, is the fastest desktop Javascript engine at the moment.

    • zorxd

      Well I do trust independent, professional reviewers more than random fanboys posting comments on blogs such as this one. Also I don’t have the disposable income to buy every single phone out there so I can’t test everything by myself, sorry.
      I agree that javascript isn’t everything, however web page load time also suck on WP7, if my memory is right.
      The zooming speed might be good. However I would like to see a benchmark confirming this as “feeling smooth” is hard to quantify and thus hard to compare.

  • jmmm

    Bah WP7 does not impress me

  • Grinch

    ^ Bah your mom does not impress me

  • Richard

    WOW… the only new platform without multi-tasking in 2011.

    Still waiting for a fixpack that should have been out 3 months ago…. this is not looking good for Nokia.

    Should have VM Android apps on MeeGO… That would have been amazing.

  • kbal

    Seriously it really is true that people who bash WP7 don’t know what they’re talking about. Yes I agree there are a few basic functions that are missing but it also can do things better than other phones. Zune is amazing, been using itunes and ipods for years but zune is so much better we just need the zune pass in canada. Office is amazing if you need it. I use a berry for work and creating/editing docs is way easier on WP7. I’m not saying this is the best OS by any means but saying its dead and slow and all that is ignorant. Go on pocketnow and watch videos comparing browser speeds, its fast.

    • zorxd

      which video?

  • Dan

    Can’t wait! All that is needed is tethering and then I will hop on th WP7 train and ditch my ugly android. Already have a couple apps on the go, but just waiting on multitasking.

  • jellmoo

    I am very happy about this. I just picked up a Samsung Focus today, replacing my iPhone 3G. Very impressed with the phone so far. Very cool to see that Microsoft is determined to improve quality and fix the issues that the OS has.

    • Keith

      Nice, I would probalby pick the Focus if Bell or Telus carried it but Rogers is not a viable 3G option in some of the areas I frequently travel to so I’m going for the HTC-HD7 on Bell sometime this week.

  • Sub-Joker

    so it’s coming in 2011??!! hmmm, since we’re in february, it can be from less than one months till up to 10 months until WP7 receive these updates.

    Can Microsoft be more specific….. we just started 2011.

  • roach_779

    I been using WP7 for a couple of months now and I become to luv it. When I look at my wife’s iPhone, it just look so outdated. Android even looks more dated. My sister picked up an Android 3 months ago. I guess she picked up a weak version that telus was selling and it was slow as hell and ate battery life. It couldn’t last a whole day. I think this is where android fragmentation kills user experience. She ended up buying a WP7 and she loves it. Cut & paste and multitasking? Its coming, but just as it is now, WP7 awesome…those added feature will just be gravy. No chance of surviving? This is where nokia comes in. I think it will, it just need to flood the market like android is doing, so every other device is a WP7. Remember, people didn’t give android a chance against the iPhone juggernaut, when it was first introduced…look at it now. Peace out!

  • Amar

    Good to hear, good update.

  • Jesse


    Practice what you preach. WP7 has by far the fastest browsing experience. Heck, there’s not even one hiccup in the OS. Maybe you should actually use a WP7 device instead of reading Gizmodo.