TELUS BlackBerry Pearl 3G now $200 no-contract


  • Harry

    write me at harrym1984 @ I can get you great prices on the plan as well

  • zorxd

    Incredibly low? $200? You can get a real smartphone such as the LG Optimus One for this price. The only good deal is free on 1 year contract.

  • barry

    The LG Optimus One is garbage.

  • Matthew

    Wow this is a great deal! It’s a pretty good phone which will hopefully be upgraded to OS 6 SOON! I can’t stand that everyone is all OMFG HAS TO BE SNAPDRAGON/ 1GHZ Processor blah blah blah HIGH SPECS that are not needed for a phone. Sure higher specs are nice but for me it comes down to battery life.. I want my phone to last more then 6 hours in a day before needing to charge.

    • zorxd

      Well it doesn’t have to have high end specs. But at least the price need to be in consequence. This is 100$-150$ hardware at most.

  • Dave

    this is low. WInd has this for $320

  • alpa

    buy this then use it for wind

    • LT

      Won’t work on Wind.. different Bands

    • The Magic Rat

      Why Wouldn’t The Phone Work On Wind ? The phone would need to be unlocked and you need to pay for a wind SIM card but it should work. Both telus and Wind offer the 9100 so again why wouldn’t it work ?

  • Jim

    $200 no contract is insanely low.

    Now, is the phone “really” worth $200??? Maybe/maybe not. Depends on your needs. It’s certainly an outdated model. But still… $200… low by Canadian standards.

    • Pelletier

      saying this is an outdated model is saying the iPhone 4 is outdated. *consume, consume, consome*

  • lou

    saw this went to mall next door to telus picked up a black one going to pacific mall tommorow to unlock good deal

  • Nico

    @The Magic Rat
    WIND (and Mobilicity Videotron),uses AWS band 1700
    Telus (and Bell, Rogers, Fido, AT&T) uses 850/1900

    This phone won’t work on the new carriers.

    • The Magic Rat

      What I want to know is why? In the 9100 specs it says it could support the 1700 band are there 2 different models of the 9100? I’m not trying to be a smart a*s I’m seriously looking at why this phone after it was unlocked and a wind sim card inserted wouldn’t it work on their network? Are there two different 1700 bands? Is the aws capability only on the Blackberry 9100 offered by wind?

  • Dillon

    will this work on bell if i buy it haha unlock

    • Unlockd.NET

      Yes this BlackBerry can be unlocked, and used on Bell, Rogers, Fido, etc.

  • Chris Marle

    I just hope it’s available in an other color LOL.

    • Canadude

      It is available in both PINK and BLACK. For $200!