BlackBerry App World carrier billing arrives at TELUS


  • Jordan

    Alright, good start. Now let’s see this for Android.

  • mike

    telus will probably have hidden fees with this to rip people off. and i can see huge billing problems coming with this, specially since telus already has billing issues, when i was with telus my monthly bills were never the same every month. my bills were always going higher and higher. but my usage was always the same. i had enough with telus with billing issues and a contract disprute i made a complaint with ccts and i still haven’t heard a response from telus for over a month since i made the complaint to resolve the issue. telus is a pathetic company and will always be.

    • Adam

      No hidden fees. Its the same price when you use your credit card or paypal…but much easier 🙂

    • wyoung360

      Uhm… nice rant?

    • TNSF

      If you’re paying money for a blackberry app then you’re already getting ripped off.

  • jarr

    it is interesting to note that Orascom Telecom is the majority shareholder in MyScreen – the company that Wind Mobile is parterning with for this service.

    No matter what – it’s a “win win” for Orascom lol.

  • mikes a puss

    mike you weiner

  • Jarrod

    i think thats part of the reason APP World makes you sign in everytime you buy an app now so you have to type your password in and agree to buy it… pretty hard to dispute that you didnt know what you were doing then

  • Soulsaber

    I never knew blackberries had apps…


  • glen

    I licke app world