Videotron’s 3G+ network subscriber base grows to 72,200

Videotron’s new 3G+ network has been live for over three months now. Since launching they have expanded their coverage, offered new unlimited plans and brought on several new devices. The real question is if customers are signing up? In a press release that’s packed with numbers, Videotron says as of December 3rd “41,800 new customers had signed up, bringing the total number of activated handsets on Videotron’s 3G+ network to 72,200, including 50,300 added in the first two months of the quarter.”

Robert Dépatie, President & CEO of Videotron stated “I believe the results we are announcing today show we are succeeding.” Agreed. With all the incumbent carriers following Videotron and creating an Unlimited offering 72,200 people made the choice to bring their business to Videotron. Good strong numbers. It would also be good to see how many of those 72,200 customers opted to bundle in other services.

For those in the Quebec area… what do you think of the new direction of Videotron?

Source: Videotron