Video: Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone caught in action

December 1st and the first leaked video to surface is the incredibly anticipated Sony Ericsson Z1 “Zeus” or otherwise known as the Playstation Phone. This video was shot what looks to be somewhere on board an airplane by Greek blog by Techblog.gr. They state that it comes with Android OS 2.3 (Gingerbread) and has a 4-inch display. There is not much to actually see in the video but it looks like the touchscreen is responsive. MIA is a look at the slide-out gamepad controls. Would be really cool to see what the final design of it looks like. Rumours are that an official announcement will come on December 9th at an estimated price point of $500 (USD).

There is still so much more to see of this device. Check it out after the break

Source: Phandroid