Fido to charge $25 Admin Fee on Hardware Upgrades


  • Don


    One more reason to never switch to Fido.

    • JusticeNa

      Sounds like a case for a “class action” law suit. This sounds like something that Robbers, I mean Rogers would think up. I am furious. As well, \use word of mouth to warn family and friends, emails, twitter and FB to warn others about this money grab. Fido dollars is something that we have earned and this is a grab at our hard earned dollars. This is first class bullshit. Fido (Robbers/Rogers) I am disgusted with your tactics!

    • eric l

      How about who has already been in fido???

  • TomatoGuy

    Robbers are going downhill fast. I’ll give them couple more years.

  • Zeake

    lol are they serious? Gosh I cant wait to ditch them. And this time I ain’t coming back.

  • Travis Kimmie

    Just another money grab, they realized that a lot of their customers had enough Fido Dollars saved for handset upgrades now so they wouldn’t be “paying” for them. Just another example of Rogers giving incentives to lure in customers and then hitting you with hidden fees.

    • Lucky

      Hidden fees? They are telling you it when ou do a HUP, how is that hidden?

    • Yutong

      Business like fido will eventually send itself to the hell, trust me, it’s just time, unless we customers are i****s.

  • Me Ted

    Jesus H Christ on a popsicle stick. Have the incumbents gone mad? You’re going to charge your users MORE amidst the current infusion of competition? Or how about Telus telling it’s loyal subscribers of 12 years that the only way to get any sort of feature discount is to go on a contract through the purchase of a new handset. 😐

    Me – “Wait a minute. I bought my handset outright. I didn’t have it subsidized in order to remain mtm. Just to be clear about this: you’re saying that even if I wanted to go on a contract for some insane reason, I couldn’t anyway because I’d need to buy a new handset?”
    Telus – “Yes.”
    Me – “Well, this conversation’s certainly going to be different tonight…I can tell you that much.”
    Telus – “I’m sorry sir. That’s the only way to go on a contract right now and without the contract you can’t get any feature discounts.”
    Me – “Hold on. Am I on PUNKD or something? You’re joking right?”
    Telus – “I’m afraid not sir.”
    Me *Speechless “So if I were to ask Telus to put me on a 75 year contract at $2000/mth with no data and 10 mins of voice you’d say no because I didn’t buy a new handset?”
    Telus – *chuckles “Yes sir.”
    Me – “Wow. We’re definitely in the end times.”

  • Chris Marle

    Haha fail!

  • Moe Arkanhine

    That’s just sad Fido.

  • winddowg

    rogers = suck
    tulus = suck
    bell = suck
    its just another why to ding you

  • gempire

    wow, who is the genius that thought of this? All these great low cost carriers are coming into the market to tempt you away and Fido pushes you to them. The only good thing they had going for them was their Fido dollars, but now it looks like they found a way to get them back too. Nice work Fido. Can’t wait till my contract is over.
    BTW it took me 3 months of BS (20+) on the phone with Fido to get my last phone finally sent to me. I guess thats what they charge you for – great service

  • HighDefiniasian

    Rogers must be hurting cuz of their loss of GSM monopoly. People are starting to realize that they can get better deals/better phones at other companies.

    This fido fee and the $10 priority data charge Rogers is heckling seems to be their final stand at getting revenue from a declining userbase. This is interesting… Very very interesting.

  • TylerM

    This is a clear example of the problem with greed, it is addicting and Rogers/Fido has been hooked on money for so long that even when they are being forced to remove made up fees to try and keep competitive, they still can’t help themselves and go and add another fee and then end up shooting themselves in the foot because they are just that much less competitive. It’d be real funny to see Rogers die because of their greed, it’d be the best justice.. But who knows, maybe they’ll smarten up one day and figure out that the rules have changed, they don’t currently have a telecom oligopoly loving federal government in power and Canada’s wireless is no longer a walled garden for just Robellus anymore. Maybe..

  • Regulator

    It’s beyond greed, its an obsession. They need to finance their new endeavors, including paying for the Blue Jays.

  • gord

    after rogers bought them out i was out of there went to solo now with mobilicty no problams with signal no contact

  • JerryK

    Went to look into getting the Samsung Captivate from Rogers and it looks as though they have been charging a $35 processing fee in addition to the cost of the hardware upgrade. They refused to waive it so now, for purely spiteful reasons, I’m going to wait out my existing contract and go with a carrier that provides decent rates. Wind has a $45/month plan that allows you to talk Canada-wide any time you like for as long as you like. This includes unlimited texting to US and Canada, Call ID, Call Waiting, Voice mail, Conferencing… oh and for the first 6 months it’s half price. Feel like a salesman, but as long as you live in a WIND zone why wouldn’t you go for this? Oh, and why aren’t the big 3 offering the same deal?

  • AP

    Actually that Wind plan you mentioned, you can also get it for a year at $25 instead of $22.50 (half off) for 6 months.

  • KJB

    I have been a fido customer for over ten years. I am starting year two of a three year contract. The second Wind improves the coverage to cover non-urban areas, I will pay to be rid of fido forever. They used to have great customer service; now the service stinks and I will never forget that they f**cked me bigtime on an iphone 3G. Shameful.

  • sam

    I did all brands, and there were only 2 that didn’t charge any stupid service fees: Fido and Virgin.

    I guess Virgin is the only one now. Yet.

  • Dabba

    Jawg will cover all the fees, since he is in bed with the big three.

  • MacMan

    Thank god I switched to Wind when my fido contract ended

  • MXM4K

    “To provide a fair balance between hardware costs and customers’ advantages.”

    “Our customers are getting a good deal!? Not on my watch!” – Fido

    Sadly this fee will hit most people who are not fully aware of the tricks of the trade. By the time they commit to getting a new device, they’ll just bite the bullet and pay the $25 fee. They’re doing this because they’ll get away with it. Telus and Bell have been given ammunition to differentiate themselves further now. Unless of course they do like in the old days, and all tack on that fee to stay ‘competitive’…

  • Nick

    What a joke.

    You already pay for the “work” that goes into selling you your phone. It’s called markup. Fido sells the phone for more than they buy it, and that’s supposed to cover the OH SO EXPENSIVE act of keeping it on a shelf for a few months and scanning it into the computer then they sell it to you.

    This is even more shamelessly dishonest than having unsubsidized prices $50 higher than they should be to entice you into thinking a 3-year deal is great.

  • tbr

    It’s funny how the big three are just inching their way and giving meaningless offers. These phones are outdated and they probably just want to clear inventory.

    Join the new entrants and really teach the big three a lesson from all those years of screwing us.

  • Andre

    Buy unlocked device. Move SIM. Fido isn’t involved to charge a fee.

  • Sniper


  • Max

    Say WHAT? I can’t believe what I have just read. Instead of making marketing plans to become more competitive, they are making steps backwards!

  • Sam

    I miss the old Fido.

  • brian

    25$ for what is essentially a really poor selection of phones. Unless Fido pulls its pants up. And starts being competitive, I will switch after 7yrs of loyalty. This is unacceptable.

  • Rene

    Well, if this is true, there’s two things that I need to ask:

    1) Why wouldn’t they just raise phone prices $25 instead of charging a “fee”?

    2) Are Fido dollars also usuable to pay the additional $25?

    There will be a way around this, if someone isn’t using Fido dollars (just walk in, pay cash for the retail price, and pop your SIM in). I think this might be a way to start killing off the Fido Dollars program.


    @ Rene
    1) All providers allready mark up phone costs…
    This is a fee for tha Sole reason of making even more overall profit as a telcomm.

    2) No Fido dollars Can Not be Applied to this Fee.
    Fido dollars can be used for hardware cost only after tax OR to add certin optional service for one-time trial.

    No dice – This fee applies to any and all phone purchases from fido with or with out contract.

    OH and customer service Can Not Ajust this charge, So Dont ask…lol
    ** i bet i will be forced to ajust One or more of these fees before the week is out.

    Guess No One Mentioned there New Policy for Smartphones??

    as of 12/01/2010 any Data plan locked into contract is Now Only Compatible with Voice plans of $25 and up.

    meening if you want to get that iphone at tha contract pricing you need to have a min $25..

    oh but what if im and old customer with a plan under $25?
    Change your plan or pay full price of the phone plus the upgrade fee..

    this goes for All customers..

    So what if i allready have a year old iphone, have a $17.50 voice plan and 500MB’s @ $25 and want to upgade my Data to $30 1GB ?
    You Will Need to Pay Data Cancelation Fee’s or increase your voice plan aswell…



  • JAWG

    Man, just $25 admin fee and you folks are whining about it ? get a life, if you can’t afford $25, then go to a Dollar store, get two paper cups and string to make yourself a set of paper cup phone.

    Frankly, you guys are already getting a huge break from the victims that are using the Rogers brand, they are paying $35, do you know that.

  • Dan

    ever since rogers bought out fido 5 years ago, i’ve lost all confidence in them as an entity. They’ve become heartless and dead. They’ve lost that killer edge and amazing deals they were so known for. Rogers has really beat them down to the point where they just walk around with their tail between their legs. Instead of calling your next dog fido, call it roger.

  • Mo Sh

    Glad I switched away from Fido, now it’s time too also switch my family away. I guess next time it’s either Virgin or the new providers.

  • Dabba

    The Dog AKA Jawg has barked again!!! Just cause his dad pays his bills, he assumed that none of us actually work for our money.

  • Luke

    THIS IS HORRIBLE IM TELLING MY FRIEND RIGHT AWAY! I’m glad I’m on prepaid with fido, screw post paid, screw you rogers, fido used to be so good.

  • Jesse

    if they want more money in their pockets they should close the Fido and Rogers stores in the local mall… there never are anyone but associates in them…

  • leo

    Wow, well I don’t think i am going to stick with fido when im done with them

  • GMan

    So…they’re charging you to buy something from them? You gotta be kidding me. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I got my phone a month ago so I wasn’t subject to this charge. But once my 3 year is up…I’m SO leaving.

  • JAWG

    Of course we are charging you, why the hxll not ? you guys are stupid enough to continue to renew your contract for cheap phones and tie yourself into a contract and feed us and think Fido is friendly. Dudes, Fido is a DOG and we bite. $25 is already at mercy to your poor cheap axx. Where else can you go beside Fido ? Rogers, or you can try the new entrants ChatR Wireless.

    • JusticeNa

      Chtr is owned by Robbers/Rogers.

  • Nadir

    We need the money to finance the purchase of MLSE. Our goal is to control everything and get our customers to finance the purchase of everything. You can feel like you contributed to our world domination. I want to thank all the customers we have screwed over for helping us achieving our goals. More higher prices to come as we need to help finance the purchases of new incumbents and of Bell and Telus.

  • Rick

    Can we gather all Fido users, and send a petition to Fido to abolish this totally unreasonable policy.
    The shouldn’t have called it Fido Rewards now, it should be: Fido Punishment.

    • Ted

      Don’t be naive, the ONLY and the BIGGEST weapon is LEAVE Rogers and don’t even turn your head back!

    • SK

      We can sign all the petitions in the world. They just gonna wipe their butts with it. The best way to make a point is to say bye to Fido. My contract end in February. I’ve been with them for more than 10 years but this is IT!!!
      My both numbers get transfered to either Mobilicity or Wind Mobile faster than you can say “see ya”. Ever since Rogers swallowed Fido a few years ago they turned into a big crapola!

  • WindMobile

    What sucks is there data.I never regret having switch to wind mobile .Paying just 17$ is something ,compare with $60 with fido last year.

  • Mike

    I just found out about this $25 fee… I was going to use my Fido Dollars ($106) to get a new phone… but this is just a slap in the face really.

    The whole purpose of the program was for customer loyalty. Seems it was just a load of hot air… 3 years ago they gave me $25 Fido dollars as a bonus to sign on. Seems they’re now clawing it back when I want to get a new phone.

    I’m going to try Wind out…

    Also, don’t use Chatr… it’s owned and operated by Rogers.

  • Yutong

    I have been a customer of Fido for years. I thought “great! I can use my Fido dollars to update a new handset!” It turned out to be such a bloody, bloody bullshit. What a Great Fido dollars such a rip-off trap in fact. They just make something up and have their way to cancel the money out when you actually need to use it. It is absolutely garbage. I am done with Fido. Good bye Fido, forever. Good luck with your stupid rip-off business.

  • Yutong

    Fido dollars is a super bloody bullshit a completely rip-off trap, garbage. I have enough with Fido, good bye.

  • Yutong

    Save your time and energy on choosing a new company. Forget the useless petition. If fido ever cares they would not have gone this far. What a shame honestly.