Rogers 3G coverage in Manitoba unofficially goes live over the weekend, testing continues.


  • Richard

    Good for MB! Be sure to send all your EDGE equipment to the Maritimes as apparently Rogers thinks it’s good enough for here.

  • Alex

    So THAT’S why I’ve randomly been getting 3G at home sometimes…

    THANK GOODNESS! I will finally have 3G coverage when I’m at home! … Granted I spent most of my time in Winnipeg anyways but this will be so nice!… and there will be coverage out where some of my family lives where I didn’t have cell service before. Yesssss! 🙂

  • Larry

    Like the first to comenters I to had faith in Rogers,First digital then GSM then HSPA.The only problem it’s not consistent.I finally swicthed to Bell,I have never looked back.With great coverage&service why would I.

    • Alex

      Bell would be fine and dandy, if Manitoba HAD Bell.

  • Kdawg

    Ya. I’ve had the 3G on my iPhone too. Actually had it for about 20 mins this morning. Then it disappeared and has come on for a few seconds here and there this afternoon. Here’s hoping that they flip the switch sooner than later as this shouldve been done in 2009 already! Ha. Has anyone noticed that the edge network has been sucking even more the past 6 months?

  • comicallaura

    This province is stuck in 1998, or something but it’s good that all the smartphoners get their 3g. Now, if Koodo’s blackberries would hurry up and be sold in Brandon I’d be stoked!

  • ghurley

    I am confused. Who will own the new HSPA infrastructure: MTS or Rogers?

  • Mike

    MTS will. Rogers only made an agreement with them to do roaming outside the city.

  • Truegodfather

    I seen a post in the MTS section on Howard Forums from a Rogers Customer Service Rep stating that HSPA wont come out untill early 2011.

  • lance

    well im getting 3G signal since last nite down at cartwright

  • Ken

    Earlier this week I had 3G on my phone for the evening in Richer, MB. when I woke up it was gone. so they have started testing in Eastern Manitoba now.

  • itsonly2011

    Why is everyone so happy, yeah, i am soooo happy we’ve all being paying the same price for edge, when it works, as everyone else pays for 3g… its 2011, the rest of the world is moving to 4g and we are triumphantly giving thanks to monopolizing rogers for doing something the rest of the civilized world already has as if they are inventing 3g, what a joke,

  • Jordo196

    GOT 3G in Portage la Prairie last night for the first time on Rogers!!! Still holding this morning at 0800. Hope it sticks around!