Rogers Samsung Galaxy S Captivate dummy phones start arriving, still no launch date


  • TomatoGuy

    Rogers will be surprised when this thing won’t sell well because many of its customers already got Vibrant from Bell. Captivate will be already outdated by the time it’s released on Rogers. I wish that one of the Canadian carriers will get HTC Desire Z – the ultimate Android phone.

    • Falzo

      “HTC Desire Z – the ultimate Android phone”

      Until the next one six months later…

    • siv

      the Desire Z is underpowered compared to other Android phones in the market.

    • jnrbshp

      how is it outdated if the ultimate phone u mentioned has a slower processor??

    • jimbo

      I think you meant “Desire HD”

    • Ryan Waddell

      Well, if the Captivate pre-order announcement on the Redboard site is anything to go by, there is still a LOT of interest in this phone from Rogers customers. The thing is, most people are locked into 3 year contracts, and eligible for a hardware upgrade after 2 years, so they want a new phone while still being a year away from contract expiry. That’s an extra $240 to cancel out the contract and move over to Bell for the Vibrant. And Bell doesn’t have an EDGE network to fall back on if you’re outside of 3G coverage areas.

      And PUHLEASE – why even bother talking about the Desire Z? Any just-announced phone (outside of the Apple world) is generally about 6 months, MINIMUM, from a Canadian launch. Example: the Desire… Announced in February, launched here in… What, August?

  • Dipol


  • KC

    I hate dummy phones. How are you supposed to know what the phone will be like if all every single store has is rows and rows of dummy phones.

  • ursa

    the pricing seems high on this compared to Bell’s version and Telus’ HTC Desire.

    @KC – dummy phones are about the only economical way to sell phones. There’s way to much breakage and theft otherwise. Each handset is going to cost ~$500 for the store/carrier. But that said, on a phone where the display is much of the selling point I think a dummy is a poor way to go. Do any of the multi-carrier stores have the Vibrant on display the way the Bell branded and TSCC stores do?

  • Aaron

    Looking forward to this one!

  • andy c

    at&t captivate users got a update the was suppose to fix the gps/lag issues with the phone. hopfully the update is baked into the rogers handsets

  • TomatoGuy

    @jnrbshp: HTC Desire Z uses 2nd generation 1GHz Snapdragon CPU that is underclocked to 800MHz in order to extend battery life. Clock speed is not the only measure of performance. Physical QWERTY keyboard and strong support of HTC hacking community are the main selling points of this device for me.

  • Kdawg

    Hey cool an outdated phone is coming to Rogers in the near future maybe? Awesome! Not. Love the phone…… Back in august maybe

  • LastEmperor7

    For those of you that didn’t pick up the Bell Vibrant and unlock it already, and waited PATIENTLY (so so patiently!!) for this phone, I can tell you that it is a BEAST! This whole Galaxy S lineup is killer. Amazing screen, awesome processor, awesome media capabilities, very nice built in music player, the list goes on and on. Samsung has recently released fixes for the GPS (although mine never had any and locked on bullet-quick), as well as the 3-button recovery mode on the Vibrant. What does that mean? They’re actually supporting their phones now!! So rest assured, Froyo 2.2 will be coming soon, as promised 🙂

  • mainland_newfie

    how is it that this phone is “rumored” to come out mid – october??? They already gave the release date like a week ago??? Is there another malfunction delay happening?

    • Ryan Waddell

      They didn’t actually give a release date. They said “coming Mid-October” which isn’t an actual date. The same way that the phone was coming “in the coming weeks” at the beginning of August. Sure, they’ve narrowed it down to October now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s delayed again. Rumours are that Samsung is having SERIOUS Super AMOLED shortages.


    I think it is ‘rumored’ to come out mid-october because Rogers’ credibility has gone out the window when it comes to release dates. There HAVE been problems and there MAY continue to be problems. Until they start selling them in stores it’s all one big rumor.

  • mj

    with all the ridiculousness out of rogers the past couple months, if i get this phone, i’m going to root it the day i get it and drop in Froyo 2.2

    no sense in waiting for rogers to release the updates since they clearly don’t give a sh*t about their customers.

  • Nathan

    2.2 just came out today did a search on google