Apple starts shipping iPhone 4 orders to Canada


  • invader rim

    i got the email. wahoo. but its coming all the way from CHINA

  • Adi

    Hopefully it ships with firmware 4.01 or lower…


    • Martin

      It ships with 4.0 out of the box… You can choose to update it to 4.0.2 (or lower) when you connect it to iTunes for the first time.

  • Ryan Waddell

    Lol… Those “lucky” customers whose orders said three weeks… And got it in 2.75 weeks! Awesome, way to beat the expectations, Apple! 🙂

  • Larry

    The iPhone4 is a stepup from 3Gs.I got my iPhone4 on day one with Bell I have yet to drop a call.

  • Mark

    Uh what are you talking about? I ordered mine the day it came out and got it the week after? They have been shipping for a while.

    • MM

      Poorly written article. It assumes everyone in Canada is waiting for unlocked iPhones from That’s what it’s referring to, those of us who ordered UNLOCKED phones on July 30 are expecting them starting today or tomorrow.

  • Frederik Guay

    Are they shipping 32 gb too ???

  • Ducebigalow

    I have one and it comes with 4.0.1 out of the box. That was two weeks ago today. Chances are when yours arrive, 4.0.2 will be installed. Get a case. you’ll thank me. The signal drops 2-3 bars without it. It only takes touching the left side black strip with the tip of your finger to drop bars.