Koodo to set HSPA network live June 15th?


  • Tamrin Khan

    I cant wait!

  • Ashley

    what do they mean by “unlock” I always pay my bill early

  • anon

    what does unlock mean?

  • Donna

    Unlocking means that you can out any SIM from any carrier in your phone and it will work. I don’t see why Koodo would want to go around unlocking their devices though…

  • Makrus

    I too would like to know what they mean by “unlock”

  • Jim R

    I’d like to know if Koodo will have anything more than toy data plans.

  • jay

    such a disappointment june 15th not even a wisper about hspa. might switch today to robbers.

  • Kevin

    And here we are on June 15th. Koodo fails to deliver.

  • Farhan

    HSPA Service is horrible in KIGNSTON ON and surrounding had to switch back to OLD CDMA