TELUS to release the “Smart Hub” late May


  • jack

    mobile syrup are you sure it doesnt work in alberta?

  • jack

    its on the hspa network which is not available in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, or quebec but available in alberta and british columbia

  • mark

    @Jack – according to the pre-launch bulletin “Regions: SK, MB, ON, QC, NS, NB, NL, PE”. Also note, the plans are named ‘Smart Hub EAST’. As to whether they will eventually be availabe in BC & AB… who knows. It looks like the information stated is just repeating the information given at the time.

  • Adi

    Jack, you may want to check your facts before posting 😉


  • Ron

    what is

    Supports auto Internet fallback to 3G+ when using alternate ADSL, Cable or Satellite

  • jarr

    how is this different than the regular Novatel wi-fi stations that have been out for a while now?

    takes cell signal, spits out wi fi

  • zigzagcat

    >> Supports auto Internet fallback to 3G+ when using alternate ADSL, Cable or Satellite

    If you have a regular internet connection (ADSL, Cable, Sat) plugged into the device, it will use that connection. In the case that your primary net connection goes down, the 3G+ connection will kick in.

    There are some older routers that had a similar functionality, but the backup connection was a 56K modem.

    Still, $65 for a redundant internet connection? That’s quite an expensive insurance policy. You’d be better off subscribing to a lower-tier of service from a competitor and keeping it as an emergency standby.

  • jack

    ron-it is a back can hook your adsl internet threw the smart hub and if your adsl go’s down the smart hub detects this and wireless internet will kick in

  • jack

    Smart Hub
    West 80
    Smart Hub
    West 100
    Smart Hub
    West 130
    Monthly rate plan $80 $100 $130
    Voice included
    up to 1000
    up to 2000
    up to 4000
    Data included up to 3 GB up to 5 GB up to 10 GB
    Features included
    Call Waiting, Voicemail 10, TELUS Voicemail to
    Additional voice $0.10/minute
    Additional data $15/GB
    Clear & Simple™ – No SAF/911 fees
    • U.S. roaming data rate is an additional $3/MB
    • U.S. roaming voice rate is an additional $1.45/minute

  • pascal

    it’s different because you can connect a regular wire based phone into it as well as providing both wifi and DSL-cable internet feed… MiFi is only giving WiFi feed.

  • Terry

    The pricing for data is horrible, especially the $15 for every GB you go over.

    If this is going to be used for your phone, pda, cell, computer and laptop you’re going to go over 10GB easily, especially if you watch online video.

  • Jonathan

    Two things. First, is the Smart Hub West really going to cost $15/25/35 per month MORE than Smart Hub East?

    Secondly, if this thing “falls back” to 3G without any additional costs, why can’t I get a cellular plan with 1000 national minutes and 3GB of data for $65/month?

  • Mike V

    If it requires active SIM card, does that mean it uses a SIM card?

    If so, wonder if I could use switch card between that and phone. Sure kicks a*s out of my current voice/data plan. I’m guessing no, but that would rock my socks.

  • Some Devil

    I can confirm that is IS available in the West, and has slightly different (higher) monthly prices. It will only work in HSPA+, thus no Saskatchewan or Manitoba right now, just BC/AB/ON/QC.

  • Anthony

    Any idea of who the manufacturer of this is? OR what the model is of the Smart Hub?

  • Jim R

    What-the-fig! Higher prices in the west? Ironic that Telus is western-based, no?

  • Mac1

    I guess I can kill my bell home line and just have this for the home and take it to the cottage…! Do you think I can move my number?

  • ASR

    I heard you CAN move landline numebrs to cell phones so you should be able to move onto a Smart Hub.