WIND extends $150 port over credit to April 30th

New wireless carrier WIND Mobile now has their service available in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and recently launched Ottawa… this is good news for current WIND customers as your Home Zone calling area keeps expanding with each new city. Next up is Vancouver and the hiring process has already started for several positions in different locations with early rumours pointing to a June launch.

One of the promotions WIND is offering potential customers is giving them the first month of voice service free. Good idea to bring new customers in the door as there’s currently an estimated 30,000 subscribers and WIND has a target to have 1.5 million within 3 years. In addition, the most recent promotion was launched back on February 26th when WIND decided they’ll give a $150 credit “to help offset the sting” of the Early Cancellation Fee to those who port over from another carrier (the credit shows up in five $30 monthly installments). The original end date of this promo was set for March 31st but it seems with the Ottawa launch the deal has been extended to April 30th. Possibly this promotion could be extended even later and become policy or might be brought back when Vancouver is launched.

It’ll be interesting to see how the other carriers respond to this news. There’s been several different promotions flying around such as waiving the $35 Activation Fee, offering up free evenings starting at 6:00pm and Bell specifically came out with the same $150 port over promo for WIND customers. All these promotions are due to expire on March 31st.

So with all these carrier discounts are you finding the wireless industry changing in Canada or will we need to have Mobilicity to show their cards first?