Bell says they “win” in Galaxy VS. Galaxy Spica showdown

Thanks to one of our tipsters who sent us a Bell internal doc titled “Bell’s Samsung Galaxy VS Rogers Samsung Galaxy Spica”. It seems they are ready for a galactic showdown and basically goes into detail about how superior the Galaxy is over the Galaxy Spica. These are both Android-powered devices with OS 1.5 and Bell boldly declared in the doc that they “win” for these reasons: Faster on Bell’s HSPA+ network at 7.2 mbps, Better picture quality with 5.0MP camera and better viewing thanks to AMOLED screen, Better pricing at $30 to $50 less (3yr and 2yr respectively), Sleeker form factor

In addition, the e-mail sent to us stated “Rogers launched the Samsung Galaxy Spica on March 9, 2010. This smartphone competes directly with Bell’s Samsung Galaxy but offers less in comparison. The table below outlines the differences between Bell’s Samsung Galaxy and Rogers’ Samsung Galaxy Spica:

The real question is not what Bell or Rogers thinks… but what us buyers think of the Galaxy devices. Do you like these Android devices and which one would you pick up?