Public Mobile says “Unlimited is like freedom”

Public Mobile is back with another video that gives another perspective beyond their own of what “Unlimited” is. CEO Alek Krstajic defines their $40 monthly Unlimited Talk and Text plans as the only true unlimited plans that have no restrictions. He stated in a previous video that they “laugh and talk about what everybody has done in the past has been Unlimited ‘But’, there is always a big but. It’s unlimited but it’s evenings and weekends… what we are saying is Unlimited is like freedom, either you have it or you don’t.”

Public Mobile launched last Thursday with 25 stores in both Toronto and Montreal. They will be launching mid-May and  we hear by that time they will ramp up to around 50 locations (corporate owned and dealer locations) and a couple more devices. Check out the video and hear random people from the street describe what unlimited means to them.