Motorola DROID prototype hits eBay, bidding starts at $485

moto-droid-ebayWaiting for TELUS to release the upcoming Motorola Android-powered device called Milestone? How about getting on on the action for this substitute if you can’t wait and want to have something rare…

Seller “mobileexpansion” has put 1 of 5 prototypes of the Motorola DROID up on eBay and states “For Sale is a Motorola Droid PROTOTYPE. Thats right this is a pre-release version. There were only 5 of these ever made and they were strictly for the Motorola Engineers. The phones work perfectly and have clear ESN’s ready to activate. The phone is brand new I only opened it to test that it was working. everything works perfectly.”

“mobileexpansion” says the prototype has Android Eclair 2.0 on it and works “flawlessly”. The only difference from the current model that available now (in the USA) from this prototype is: Chrome Bezel instead of standard Black; Silver Buttons instead of Gold and Enhanced LED Lighting on Front Screen Buttons.

Are you going to get your bid on and be one of 5 in the world to snag this gem? The current bid is a $485 USD and ends November 26th, 2009 at 10:14:53 PST.

Check it out here at eBay

Via: EngadgetMobile