Xperia “Pureness” pops up on Sony Ericsson Canada site

pureness-coming-soonUsually when a new phone has been spotted on a website it’s a good sign that it’ll be “coming soon”, “available early…”, “arriving within x months”. In the past Sony Ericsson has posted phones on their site with the familiar available “within 3 months”. Take for example the “Jalou”,  once graced the site now vanished. Don’t get me wrong, it might be a good sign that that specific device was removed and replaced by the sexy one that we found today.

The Xperia “Purness” is now on the Canadian Sony Ericsson site. This is the device that is described as “An indispensable classic with transparent screen, setting a new standard for functionalism and beauty”. The specs are right when it comes to the Pureness: 1.8-inch transparent scratch-resistant monochrome screen, weight is a mere 70.0 grams and overall dimensions come in at 102.0 x 43.0 x 13.0 mm.

No word on when or who will carry this device, or pricing… but it’s “coming soon” and you can bank on it being next year.