Industry Minister seeked “further comments” from industry players to resolve Globalive issue

globalivelogoThe Globalive/WIND foreign ownership story is continuing in a script manner. Honestly if you are a Canadian screenwriter and want to make a documentary this is one to seriously think about.

Since the CRTC stalled them from launching, Industry Minister Tony Clement has stepped in to review the situation. According to The Globe, he sent a letter last Friday to telecom players for further insight. The sub submissions are due back by November 18th so that a decision will be made in a “timely manner”.

The letter stated “I am in the process of carefully reviewing this ruling… Should you have further comments with respect to the matter, over and above what you have already submitted, I would appreciate receiving them.”

So… time has passed since the news from the CRTC kiboshed Globalives plans… as wireless customers, do you believe we’ll see them launching before the holidays?