Jim Cramer: Sell your Palm stocks as “Apple is the king of the mobile internet”

cramer-on-palmJim Cramer, host of the famed show “Mad Money” has been hyping mobile stocks for some time now. I really enjoy watching his programs and tonight was a brilliant episode of Cramer at his best. I mean he gives you the straight up goods with an incredible amount of enthusiasm.

He states “I know I’ve been talking about the wonders of the mobile internet tsunami as nauseam. But believe me, I’m not trying to make you sick to your stomach. I trying to help you make money. And there is no doubt that this trend for owning a smartphone like Apple’s iPhone or Research In Motion’s BlackBerry has gone from being a luxury to a necessity. And that makes it a game changer. But tonight it’s time to throw one of the mobile internet plays that I’ve mentioned over and over again under the bus and off the wagon… and into the sell block. I’m talking about PALM!” He continues his barrage by stating “There is only room in your diversified portfolio for one Smartphone stock… and I think that play is Apple without a doubt… Apple is the king of the mobile internet. Apple is an investment, Palm has always been a trade”.

You must watch this video… it’s hilarious: