Confirmed: Bell BlackBerry Tour 9630 launching July 17th


It wasn’t that long ago that the BlackBerry Tour spec sheet was leaked online and got people really excited for a new Curve coming to Bell. As we let you know this was going to be available mid-July… dummy phones have started to arrive, Bell employees will begin training on July 13th and we can now confirm the official launch date of July 17th on the following Voice & Data plans:

3-year: most likely will be $249.95 or possibly be $299.95 depending on what limited time offer (LTO) Bell decides on.
Outright: $699.95

I’m sure this will sell out pretty fast, so if you’re looking to get this start getting everything in order… find out what you are eligible for as an upgrade or start counting your pennies if you’re getting this new! Just a reminder that TELUS is launching on the 15th of July roughly around the same price points. BGR has a full breakout of the internal Bell Tour doc also.

More soon!