Bill C-285: Wiretapping in Canada?

wiretapping-canadaRemember a few days ago the story of criminals and gang members loving the BlackBerry because of how well BlackBerry encryption works, consequently blocking police to tap in and gain info. Well it seems this has become a major government issue as BILL C-285, otherwise known as the “Modernization of Investigative Techniques Act” has been tabled at the House of Commons.

This was first introduced way back in 2006, but died due to an election. However, this is now being spearheaded Liberal MP Marlene Jennings and basically means that the Canadian government will have the authority to wiretap any suspicious activity on any telecommunication line.

Bill C-285 is described as: “The purpose of this Act is to ensure that telecommunications service providers have the capability to enable national security and law enforcement agencies to exercise their authority to intercept communications, and to require service providers to provide subscriber and other information, without unreasonably impairing the privacy of individuals, the provision of telecommunications services to Canadians or the competitiveness of the Canadian telecommunications industry.”

I am sure we will hear more about this over the coming months, especially of something with this magnitude it will take a couple years to actually pass and become law… if it ever gets that far.

How would you feel if all your activity is being monitored?

Read the full details of Bill C-285 here

Via: IntoMobile