“Mobile Internet for Dummies”?? now available

No doubt this will be a big seller, if not a #1 NY Times bestseller…

Looks like accessing the Internet is harder than we thought. “Mobile Internet For Dummies” has been released and all 296 pages can be yours for $23.99 (CDN). We believe this money can be better spent by increasing your data plan for a month and learning yourself, however, if you are the bookworm type the learnings from this book are:

  • Find your mobile phone browser
  • Use the Mobile Internet to surf, shop, blog, watch movies, and more — on the go
  • Send and receive e-mail from your mobile device
  • Locate other mobile applications
  • Watch TV on your mobile phone
  • Manage your kids’ access to the Mobile Internet
  • Secure and name a mobile Internet site and acquire mobile Web development tools
  • Build your own made-for-mobile Web site
  • Use your Mobile Internet site to promote your business and generate revenue

To give you a taste the publisher has tempted us with 3 exepts from the book. Enjoy: